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Love #StrangerThings? Let’s paint a portrait of your favorite Stranger Things character on canvas! #getsmART
As a participant, you will learn the process of photo transferring onto canvas and painting FUNdamentals. No experience is necessary!
WHEN : Saturday September 24 7:00-9:00
WHERE : smARTStudio
HOW : Registration via Eventbrite is required. 30$ includes all supplies and materials. Bring your own beverages and snacks! 🎨 #fanart by My Metal Hand/JTO

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Many people wonder where they should be and what they should be and what they should do, when in fact they should be more concerned about how to be. The love side of your life is the place of greatest tenderness within you. In a culture preoccupied with fixities and definites and correspondingly impatient of mystery, it is difficult to step out from the transparency of false light into the more candlelit world of the soul.

“when our media is corrupt, when our academics are timid, when our history is filled with half- truths and lies – our civilization will never be just. It will never reach to the sky.

Our societies are intellectual shanty towns. Our beliefs about the world and each other have been created by the same system that has lied us into repeated wars that have killed millions.

You can’t build a skyscraper out of plasticine. And you can’t build a just civilization out of ignorance and lies.

We have to educate each other. We have to celebrate those who reveal the truth and denounce those who poison our ability to comprehend the world that we live in.

The quality of our discourse is the limit of our civilization.”- Julian Assange

Reviewing my algebra, chemistry, and respiratory material before the start of the new semester. I haven’t done algebra 1 material in about a decade (that’s scary enough to admit itself) so it helps to review a bit! Oh and I got a great Egan workbook to keep me company for the next two years. #getsmart #respiratory #studyblr #stem

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