The Importance Of Being A Gentleman

Our idea of GE is to inspire people in general, but also active promote a certain way of life. Becoming the perfect gentleman binds you to a few rules which will guide you through your life. Guidelines and rules are fine, but what it comes down to are two simple rules: Respect yourself. Respect other people.
The first of these two rules is the reason we love to put the focus on style, its accessories and products on our blog. It’s not just a superficial desire to have nice things, or even be attractive. Dressing well is a constant reminder to yourself and to the world that you like yourself and you respect yourself. Expressing yourself and having a sense style shows your individuality as personality and furthermore it demonstrates a constant effort to be your best self.
The other rule, to respect other people is the reason we promote quotes and rules on a daily and weekly basis. These guidelines remind and inspire us on a daily and weekly level, to be the best we can be. There are lots of ways to show respect for other people, and that’s ultimately what every other rule comes down to. Hold the door. Remember names. Send her flowers. Being a gentleman isn’t a way to elevate yourself above the world with special rules and expensive clothes (although we are intrigued by them). It’s an approach to life that prioritizes respect to make the world a better place.

Keep chivalry alive, gentlemen.

Yours sincerely
Ato C. Yankah jr