TOP 15 Best Male Idol Rapper by: Koreanews

1. Bigbang’s GD
2. Bigbang’s TOP
3. Winner’s Mino
4. BlockB’s Zico
5. Ikon’s Bobby
6. BTS’ Rapmon
7. Ikon’s BI
8. BlockB’s P.O
9. B2st’s Junhyung
10. Monsta X’s Jooheon
11. BAP’s Yongguk
12. BAP’s Zelo
13. Winner’s Seunghoon
14. Got7′s Jackson
15. B1A4′s Baro

If GD was selfish/self interested/negative why would the members of BigBang love and trust him so much, not only to lead them but to help them? If GD was arrogant/only self-interested etc why would he be the main person in YG who gives the most opportunities for others in the company to showcase themselves and using his own promotions to promote others? If that is just your observation, I recommend you look again as you’ve obviously missed a lot.

Obstacles (GD): Part 3

GD: When he cheats (part 3)…
requested by bandsexual182, wolfgirl1021, anonymous, kristababes88

Word Count: 1515

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (END)

With a long yawn you stretched, twirling around once in your office chair as you finally finished the assignment from your boss. After the unexpected visit from Jiyong last night, you weren’t able to sleep as the twinge of pain in your heart bothered you. You couldn’t possibly understand why you were still hurting. 

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