Hiked a total of 12 tough miles into the canyon in 100+ degree heat, slept in a very uncomfortable hammock, had a squirrel ruin and eat through my backpack and it was alllll worth it for this unreal view of the canyon and Colorado river.

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If you’re a cool person (or at least your mom says you are) and you like 1d (when they’re not being lying assholes) then this is the groupchat for you!!!! We wanted to create a gc for people who love ot4 and can’t wait for them to come back. p>


  • mbf Erin , Romina , and Molly
  • love and support ot4 unconditionally
  • be a larrie or at least okay with larry
  • fill out this typeform 
  • download whatsapp 
  • be super cool 
  • reblog this post! 


  • you’ll have a drama free place to talk about ot4 without idiots being like ‘lol one direction who? they broke up’ 
  • new friends!! 
  • people who will reblog the dumb stuff you post 
  • safe place for EVERYONE 
  • memes (cause who doesn’t love those) 
  • no sleep bc 1d never stops. ever. 

We’ll start picking people once there’s a lot of entries. If we pick you we’ll need your phone number and will message you if you’ve been picked. I hope we can choose you!!!