June 4th 2016 | May 21st 2017 (Candice).

SDCC 2016 | May 21st 2017 (Grant).

A true glo up.

Are you a massive Hamilton fan who constantly finds you don’t have anyone to share your musical memes with ? Well this is the gc for you !


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 The applications will close on march 11th

 20-25 people will be added and if you don’t get in the first time I may add u later due to inactive accounts Good luck

Since TOME has recently been consuming my life, I decided to make a plush of The Fave™

also i think i am the master of low-quality pictures lol

He’s made of fleece and is very soft :D
The wings are being held up by craft foam inside of the fabric (they’re kinda crooked lol) :3
I’m planning on making the rest of the main characters soon, but I decided to start with the easiest, which also happens to be my fave ^o^