get to know me meme - [2/5] male characters
  ↳ peter bishop

“PB is different than I expected him to be. A sincerity behind his eyes; a deep-seated goodness.  It’s hard not to get caught up in it.  Not to get caught up in him.”

It's 1AM, Can We Talk About Male Heroism in Fringe?

I was just realizing that none of the main male characters are portrayed as ‘strong’ via dominance.

I mean, Walter’s whole freakin’ journey is learning humility that leads him to realize his mistakes and yearn to atone for them, which he does by making the sacrifice in the end.

To quote Lincoln, Peter is “pretty confident in general”.  Even in moments of doubt, Peter’s never portrayed as uncomfortable or insecure.  He’s extremely respectful of most people, he’s not threatened by Olivia’s authority (“you’re the one with a gun”), and even calls out people being disrespectful (“bitch’? really?”).  There’s no big scene where he proves himself as a man by violence or besting a male counterpart.  Josh even said in an interview that he thought Peter became a man when he decided his home was the blue!verse. For Peter, becoming a man means committing to the people he loves.

For both Peter and Walter, their Big Hero moments don’t involve combat, they involve sacrificing themselves, Peter getting into the machine and Walter going into the future.  Peter actually creates a door so the opposing sides can TALK THROUGH THEIR PROBLEMS instead of have a glorified battle scene.

In season 4, when it would not have been hard to make a love triangle, Olivia didn’t become some prize for the manliest man.  I mean, it helps that there were two of them and it’s a bit convenient that red!Linc’s death evened out the Hunk/Olivia ratio, but, it was always very clear that Olivia was free to love who she loved, and neither Peter or Lincoln tried to manipulate her.  After she picked Peter, Lincoln was bummed, but he accepted as something in life that sucks and moved on.  More importantly: HE WAS NEVER PORTRAYED AS THE LOSER.  He actually became more confident and heroic in the later episodes of S4.

Alright, I’ll talk about Broyles tomorrow cuz it’s late and I’m tired.  But give me ur thoughts on how men are portrayed as strong in this fucking amazing show.


Peter Bishop in “Black Blotter” aka I just woke up and i’m not ready to deal with this shit