Leave it to Marshawn Lynch to become the star of a Super Bowl he didn’t even play in. The man of notoriously few words stole the show last night, tweeting just a photo and an emoji—a simple, elegant way to announce his retirement.

Let us take a moment to feel this loss in the only way we know how to feel emotion: In GIFs. 

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And let us not forget his seismic activity, his love of eating good in the neighborhood, his DGAF attitude, his charitable soul, and his ability to make light of an arguably heartbreaking moment

Marshawn Lynch: A human legend that we’re all just so glad we got to have on our team for a while.

Enjoy retirement, Money. YOU EARNED IT. 


Copa América 2015’s font by Bijan Berahimi

Before Chile hosted and eventually won last summer’s Copa América, Nike commissioned designer Bijan Berahimi to create a font that would be used throughout the tournament for the company’s entire campaign. The font made its way on to massive murals in Santiago, where the line ‘Atrevte a crear’ (Dare to create) was used. See more of Bijan’s work.