Joe Montana details post-NFL injury woes: ‘I can’t really run or do much’

Joe Montana enjoyed one of the most storied careers in NFL history. But the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback has detailed extensive physical problems caused by 15 years in the league, including knee pain, neck pain, eye trouble – and arthritis that “hurts like crazy” in the middle of the night.

Montana, 59, will handle the coin toss at Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, but that’s one of the few things he can do without feeling pain || Read more in The Guardian

I get the anger, I really do, I’m pretty cut up and extremely disappointed but can we stop the angry mob reception were giving to some of our players? In particular, yes Mignolet.
Yes he’s fucked up, you don’t think they he knows that?
This constant harassing of players online creates a mentality that is okay to do so, this absolutely shatters their confidence and can only have negative implication for the team.
Remember Lovren at the start of this season, he strung a few good games together, the fans were behind him and then he made his mistake against West Ham. The fans fucking slaughtered him and as a result he went on a social media ban and deactivated his insstagram account.
Think about that next time you post hate about a person.
Yes you want them to do better, we all do, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about this.