I’m trying to figure out how to draw Mr. House. It’s harder than I expected, mostly because I’m used to drawing hair wild.

+ My friend’s theory on what he would look like if he cut loose. lol

God, I really wish I played Fallout New Vegas around the time it was released. I can only imagine the joy of convincing your friends who were also disappointed with Fallout 3 to buy New Vegas just by spoiling the kind of bullshit that happens in the game completely out of context

Me: “So the angry mailman finally arrives at Las Vegas, which is just like the real one. That Woody Robot stalker I told you about tells him to visit Walt Disney and his robot girlfriend, but my mailman is PISSED and goes straight to Chandler Bing’s casino for an express delivery of whoop-ass. I end up having a drink with Chandler and he tells me about how he became the leader of his tribe of dudes in suits and his plan of conquering the shitty desert with Disney’s animatronics.”

Friend: “…huh. Wasn’t Elvis the boss of Las Vegas though?”

Me: “No, Elvis and his cute cyborg dog rule Las Vegas’ ghetto, although the murderous laser merchants and that brothel with the ghoul cowboy prostitute and robot fister are pretty influential too. These factions are very complex”

NCR: Please help us win the battle of the hoover dam so we can finally bring democracy to the Mojave and eliminate the threat of the legion

Caesar’s Legion: Please help us win the battle of the hoover dam to bring civilization to the Mojave under Caesar and force out the NCR 

Mr.House: Please help me take the hoover dam so I can restore the strip to its former glory and get rid of both the NCR and the Legion

Courier 6 and Yes Man:

Some of the very little things I love about fallout new vegas

People really seemed to like the list of little things I loved in fallout 4, so I thought I’d do one for my favourite game in the series:
Little things I love about FNV - go!

- Raul will eat candy and sweet things you put in his inventory!
- Veronica’s reaction when you give her a nice dress
- flight of the valkyries playing as Jason bright takes his flock into space
- no-bark noonan
- the fact your dialogue changes depending on your intelligence level
- your aim slowly becoming steadier as your gun skill improves - it gives a real feeling of improving.
- the fact Arcade will accompany you easily if your intelligence is low enough - because you’re so stupid letting you travel alone is tantamount to murder.
- the graffiti that says “toss my salad Caesar!”
- the fact the legion pronounce “ave, true to Caesar” correctly
- the fact you can “try out” FISTO
- cliff briscoes apartment being FULL of dinky the t-Rex’s
- how fucking cool the NCR rangers look
- the Riot gear you can get in lonesome road
- mr New Vegas’s voice
- “n-heh, there’s the high roller!”
- the pet mole rat in Sloan
- the ending slides showing what happened after the battle of Hoover dam . It was really nice to see how my actions affected the mojave.
- Tabitha and Rhonda’s adventures being made into children’s books
- the freaking entirety of old world blues
- being able to seduce and kill Benny
- being able to kill Benny with his own gun
- what in the god damn
- the fact you can disguise yourself as a faction member, but a guard or higher officer will recognise you if you get too close
- Raul making fun of everything you select on his companion wheel
-there is more and I will add them :)