And here it is, photos of my Joshua Graham cosplay taken in the actual Zion Canyon, Utah, off the Emerald Pools trail. Bless my photographer and good friend @archangelcodpiece for taking these photos and going on a hike with me in the middle of July. Zion is truly gorgeous and I can understand why Joshua considers it holy and worth protecting. I’ve never seen somewhere so beautiful.


resident: how about we clean out that schoolhouse that hasnt been touched since the Great War which was like 200 years ago. Itll let us set up a community school for our children which would be very useful. we just have to kill a few mutant insects that are so easy to kill that a hypothetical guy who literally just woke up from a coma could clear it out in five minutes
other resident: Pardner that is the worst fucking idea i have ever heard. Get outta here. Fuck ass piece of shit.fuck you

“Before full romance sidequests were cut, there was going to be a quest where the two of you woke up with The King watching over you, only to find out the two of you got drunk the previous night and The King married you.”

I can’t believe that even 200+ years after the nuclear apocalypse, people are still gonna get roaring drunk in Vegas and get married by an Elvis impersonator.

Fallout New Vegas Modern AU where there is a turf war over Las Vegas between Little Caesar’s (the Legion), the local pizza chain Mr. House’s Pizza (owned by Mr. House of course), and California Pizza Kitchen (NCR), and the Courier is just a really good delivery person who was given a concussion by Benny so that he could steal their pizza route and work his way up to manager of their pizzeria

there are two types of fnv fans:

  • those who have sold their souls to johnny guitar, built shrines to him, name their firstborn children after him, and walk around in a haze humming the anthem of his great holiness
  • those who have sworn a blood oath under the full moon to stop at nothing to find and destroy the great demon johnny guitar