you walked into the cafeteria with Luke. he said something that made you laugh and Vince couldent help but stare at you. he thought you were so beautiful. “Vince!” Luke said when he saw him. 

Luke walked over with you and you smiled at Vince, “hey, im Vince.” he said, standing to great you.


he awkwardly held out a hand and you laughed again.

his heart melted.


“so. didja make me that smoothie?” Vince grinned as you walked towards him. you sighed, handing the smoothie to him and sitting down next to him.

“you’re so bad.”

“im not the one with J.D McCoy.” he stated, taking a sip of his drink, “which i still think is crazy by the way since he’s a jerk.”

“he’s not a jerk with me.” you stated.

“every girl wants that guy. the douche who isnt a douche with her. but thats not the type of guy that a girl like you should be with.” he said.

“really?” you laughed, “and who should i be with? a guy like you?”

“you should be with a guy who loves you.”


“the only thing J.D has ever loved is himself.”


requested by anon

i dunno, im Vince trash so i made this sort of Vince oriented, i hope its okay. there are noooooo JD gifs ever :(