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Despite the chill, Ed found himself standing on the balcony letting his half-clothed body become soaked in the rain. He stared over the metal railing toward the deserted city street below and wondered if a fall from this height would kill or maim.

“Sixth floor.” The blond muttered as rivulets fell down his fringe and into his mouth. He lifted his left leg, placing the metal foot on the concrete bench next to the balcony railing. This movement caused an involuntary agonizing grunt as pain from the cold seeped into the remaining bones of his stump.

“Ed?” He almost didn’t hear his wife’s voice from the doorway. “What are you doing in the rain?”

She caught deplorable sadness in the look on her husband’s face and in his eyes as he turned to gaze back at her – his leg still raised on the bench.

Idk If I will ever finish it? maybe… 
For now I just have a rough panels

inspired by the 4th chapter of @buggyness101‘s fanfiction which you can read here