PSA: People who are not Hiromu Arakawa

This is Romi Park, voice of Edward Elric. She often represents Arakawa at events.

This is also Romi Park.

This is Haruka Kudo, member of the long-running idol group Morning Musume, and fan of Silver Spoon. (Also, Kudo is 16 and Arakawa is 43.)

Hiromu Arakawa is known for not revealing her face to the public. If you see a photo that’s supposedly of her, it’s probably Romi Park or someone else who isn’t Arakawa. Please stop posting photos saying “This is the real Hiromu Arakawa gaiz!!1!1!” when they aren’t.


Friendly Reminder: Naruto and Bleach are not the only series that ended with characters having kids and they won’t be the last. I can’t understand why some people are so upset by endings with families (unless they’re childish & salty over shipping) because it’s been happening forever.

tldr; these type of endings are not uncommon in pop culture. it makes little sense to single out bleach and naruto as if having kids is some reprehensible thing.

anyway here’s the best omake in the entire series

  • Roy Mustang, in Central Headquarters, surrounded by people he is against:How can I manage to pull this off without anyone dying? I mean, at some point someone's gonna die but, you know, without any civilians or anyone I love, basically, dying? Do we have enough weapons? Do we have enough men? We are going against an entire military here, what if we're just dreaming too big? Will we even be able to get to step 2? What if we fail too fast? What if we fail on the last step? What if we're so close to winning and then, at the last second, something happens and all our efforts will be wasted? What if people will bail? What if I will die? What if
  • Greed, in Resembool:if i swallow an entire chicken in one sitting do u think i would die