Conozco lo suficientemente bien la vida como para saber que no puedes contar con que las cosas permanezcan intactas e inmóviles, por mucho que te gustaría que así fuera. No puedes evitar que la gente muera. No puedes evitar que se marche. Ni siquiera uno mismo puede evitar marcharse.
—  Violet y Finch
-Jennifer Niven

Okay… I had this character in mind for about a month or so and it took me forever to find the perfect combination for him~

His name is Finch and he is an inhabitant of WorldView, an universe created by @alainaprana. He got a prosthesis leg and despite of it LOVE to do parkour. The guy is a trouble maker, who constantly lose his job and always end up stealing here and there to pay his rent. Despite of it, Finch is quite positive and joking most of the time, he is that really annoying roommate that almost finish your milk and yet put it back in the fridge.

So uhm… yep… that’s pretty it X’D

Art & Finch© @little-noko

WorldView© @alainaprana


Finally finished this! ;-;)9

Finch - @little-noko

Worldview - @alainaprana