And here it is, photos of my Joshua Graham cosplay taken in the actual Zion Canyon, Utah, off the Emerald Pools trail. Bless my photographer and good friend @archangelcodpiece for taking these photos and going on a hike with me in the middle of July. Zion is truly gorgeous and I can understand why Joshua considers it holy and worth protecting. I’ve never seen somewhere so beautiful.

When the companions find a working camera in the Commonwealth, of COURSE they have to take a selfie for sole.

Being silly with @deltastic/ @delusioncosplay after our shoot this weekend. Her MacCready is seriously spot on, I was having a hard time holding it together between pics!

anonymous asked:

Reactions to Sole getting injured and waking up with amnesia (Bonus angst points if they remember life before the bombs fell but not afterwards)

((Bonus challenge accepted.))

At first the companions thought it had just been a bad blow to the head. But when Sole woke up, wide-eyed and horrified, they realized the truth.

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