you think that I am on the mountains, tending to ‘far greater things’ but I am within you. I am cheering you on and holding your hand. I am kissing your cheek and helping you stand. I am always for you while consistently standing right beside you. you are Mine and I am yours. I love you, I love you, I love you- more than you will ever know. My life was given up so that you might be free. I endured the cross so that you might experience eternal life and unending grace. you are never too 'small’ for Me. your problems are never too 'little’ for My concern. you are My child, you are My love, and I, am always yours.
—  mel // a letter from your Father. 
The problem is that people think [religious] faith is something to be admired. In fact, faith means you believe in something which you have no evidence for. When that kind of attitude is present, it means that you’re not making decisions – whether it’s at a political level or a personal level – you’re not making decisions about your life, about the world, based on good rational, reasonable evaluation of the evidence but on preconceived ideas that you have no basis for. Faith is folly. Faith is bad. It is not something to respect. We should be fighting its negative influence on the world.
—  Victor Stenger
The Blessed Evangelist John lived at Ephesus down to an extreme old age, and, at length, when he was with difficulty carried to the Church, and was not able to exhort the congregation at length, he was used simply to say at each meeting, ‘My little children, love one another.’ At last the disciples and brethren were weary with hearing these words continually, and asked him, 'Master, wherefore ever sayest thou this only?’ Whereto he replied to them, (worthy of John,) 'It is the commandment of the Lord, and if this only be done, it is enough.’
—  Recorded by St. Jerome
History belongs to intercessors who believe the future into being. This is not simply a religious statement. It is also true of Communists or capitalists or anarchists. The future belongs to whoever can envision a new and desirable possibility, which faith then fixes upon as inevitable.