Day 2 Prompt: Reunion

Lyrics: Still - Seinabo Sey

Ahhh!! Happy NaLu week day 2! Here’s page two, PLEASE LISTEN TO THE SONG WHILE READING THIS PAGE. I think it’s perfect for them, so I made it Lucy’s walking song. :) Next prompt is two pages long, we get to see Lucy finally aahh! Guess who’s the mama bear walking her down the aisle!?

Again, for all the pages, go to: #naluweek16comic~ *throws more confetti* 

Art Tag | Commissions

Commission for @rzerox21xx of erza and jellal finding out they’re going to be parents. As you can see, jellal is shocked, but happy. Also, computer is down and won’t be back up til after this weekend. The people I have commissions for are aware and rest assure, it will be done! Others who want a commission or tutorials, I will answer soon! Thank you!!