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Yoyoyoyoyo sons and daughters I present to you the ultimate result of cool shoeless artists who don’t look at explosions also known as illustrakay. I be collabing with the beaut and amaze and all positive adjectives @tweekay

Pls cleanse your soul and follow my beb. She did an amazing bubblegum lucy (see what she did there) and I coloured and i did a magical girl lucy (see what i did there) and she coloured and it was all fun and games until i redefied the internet (don’t ask) and the illumanati got involved (don’t ask x2)


ALRIGHT !!! I need to let this out of my chest! Call me weird and bizarre for a sudden rant . I know this is not a fashion or any lifestyle blog post but I am really anxious about the upcoming chapter of Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail. It has been a while since I fell in love and got addicted in a Pairing in a manga. This is also my first time reading a manga about friendship and battle , just because of a cute pairing . IT”S BECAUSE I FOUND HAPPINESS IN #GRUVIA , that I start reading manga again, manga that is very far from my usual genres. 

I really have to let go of the feeling that JUVIA might die or SHE WILL DIE. I am already crying at the thought . I believe if Juvia dies , it will be a forever rain in my eyes and apparently I might not end reading FT anymore. It really scares me to know that maybe the last chapter will be the last chapter I’ll be seeing Gray’s concern to Juvia cause she will just stay in a memory . 

This is just all my opinion, and I respect those people who doesn’t ship GRUVIA, but I just really want to release it all.

As on of the writer in Wattpad have posted.. Last goodbye . To one of the greatest mage in FT Guild . I just really feel bad , that Juvia will die in the hands of her most beloved Gray! I love the sacrificing plot but please Hiro Mashima don’t kill Juvia-san . T_T . 


I just wanted to point out that Gray doesn’t deserve to suffer more, he doesn’t deserve to be engulfed by darkness, he had been through too much, and so does Juvia, she might be a crazy and weird stalker but she deserves to be happy too , let the RAIN woman , carry the sunshine in her heart !! 

I really hope , Chapter 499 won’t be the same as Zeref and Mavis’s tragedy. Loving someone is never a mistake never a sin. 


I just love Juvia with all of my heart. I just had to go through the heart ache of Gajeel (my other favorite character) and now I have to go through the suspense of Juvia. If this next chapter reveals her death, I will most likely cry for days on end. But that’s okay, because Juvia is and always will be a great character. And everytime it rains I will think of her💕 not that it’s gloomy, but more like it’s lovely.

Bubblegum & The True MVP Series | Fem! Natsu 

For @raezora and most lovingly for @doublepasse

Every day is a great day to encourage women of all ages to redefine what others think of them to something they are worth and someone they want to be.

Also I mean, in general Emma Watson is pretty hella. 

That’s all from me bebs. 

So far in The Bubblegum Series;

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Imagine if the Fairy Tail boys were learning fine dining
  • Happy:why is the fish served here cooked :(
  • Gajeel:WHERES THE IRON *starts eating silverware
  • Jellal:Erza I know you brought me out to eat here but I have another favorite restraunt
  • Mest:I wanna know what this spoon is for
  • Sting:M'lady
  • Freed:Shall I feed you Laxus?
  • Laxus:sure we're totally not gay
  • Bickslow:I ship it
  • Loke:Ladies
  • Gildarts:Who needs knives when you have magic THAT CAN CUT UP YOUR FOOD

Bubblegum & The Red and Blue Socks Series | Juvia Lockser

For @celestialgoddesslucy, @xsunset-bright and most of all for @neato-ft

This one was arted whilst thinking that some people have troubles, struggles and things in their lives that are unwanted but uncontrollable. I’m not saying bubblegum can fix it, but rather a good session to yourself, trying to understand yourself and what you want and how you can deal with others will be able to heal things. Alongside the support of those you love and those you trust. I think Juvia must’ve felt that way sometimes. I want to give @neato-ft dar the biggest hug in the world and if I could, I would fly all the way over the US for her. 

So far in The Bubblegum Series; 

Juvia Lockser
Cana Alberona
Erza Scarlet
Wendy Marvell


“As Lucy discovered, he only was a guy enjoying his life. Most of his videos show that—a handful of random moments in his life, pranking his friends or doing weird stuff. Yes, he sometimes talked about his favourite anime—another reason why Lucy liked his stuff so much—and he answered a lot of questions his fans made him. 

He was one of Lucy’s favourite channels ever since the moment she created her own.”

- YouLove, Chapter One, @shirookita

I told you the nalu was going to take over the blog first. 

Hola bebs!

For the next month, after the bubblegum series ends and when I will be launching the next few chaotic series with lots of collabs mixed in and all that fancy jazz, I am searching for more fics to adapt into stuff like these. And whilst this looks fluffy wuffy and all, I can dwell into more serious tones with darker stuff bebs. 

Whilst I can’t guarantee that your fic will be chosen, I do encourage others sharing around their stories. So shout out a fic name out there; whether it be your own or a senpai’s or a friend or a waifu’s, it doesn’t matter. I support shameless self-advertising for artists; that kind of confidence is what you need bebs so if you have your own fic to share, go ahead! Just make sure you write down a fic you want to get adapted and it could be chosen. I’ll be choosing around 2-3 fics for the following months.

And to the people who already know in their kokoro that I will be giving fanart in their fics, you know who you are bebs. Go light on me. I think. 

That’s all from me bebs. 

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Day 2 Prompt: Reunion

Lyrics: Still - Seinabo Sey

Ahhh!! Happy NaLu week day 2! Here’s page two, PLEASE LISTEN TO THE SONG WHILE READING THIS PAGE. I think it’s perfect for them, so I made it Lucy’s walking song. :) Next prompt is two pages long, we get to see Lucy finally aahh! Guess who’s the mama bear walking her down the aisle!?

Again, for all the pages, go to: #naluweek16comic~ *throws more confetti* 

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