This year, after I abandoned it, I promised I’d get back to drawing more of ‘Mashima’s style’ art at least once. I can’t believe i held it back till the very end of 2016 lmfao what the hell ice.

So here it is! Anyone is free to colour but make sure to tag me so I can scream about them! And there’s more couples to arrive because these drawings are going to be used for @taleen777‘s and I’s collab.

Merry Christmas amigos. 

I truly wish zeref wouldn’t be killed
All he did was to see his little brother, natsu’s smile again
And he was cursed couldn’t think properly any living thing he gets close to dies
He lived in loneliness
The only woman he loved died
All he is doing it to defeat agnolegia
I think he deserves a happy ending
Where he will be with his brother as a family
Where his lover wouldn’t die from a kiss
Where he could embrace his son and love him without fearing killing him

Everyone deserves a second chance
Everyone deserves a happy ending