We don’t care if you come from Instagram or another website; ALL SOCIAL NETWORKS HAVE VERY SIMILAR RULES.

 80% of fanartists (art, fics) and graphic makers HAVE a tumblr account, the way to report here it’s easier than insta; so again if you think you can come here and start your repost bullshit and rotten the tags the way you did with instagram you are wrong.

> do not fucking repost
> if you post something it must be original
> do not edit other people edit’s and claim it yours
> do not edit other people fanarts and claim it yours
> do not edit other people fanfics and claim it yours
> your shitty excuse  “I found it on google” it’s not valid here, as I said the originals are on tumblr.
> laws of copyright, misattribution, intellectual property exists, better start to respect them kids. Know your limits.

I love this series so damn much man i cant believe the manga has been going for 10 years this year. Guilty here i did started watching the anime around 2011-2012 so I can’t say i was a fan from the start but I will say I’m one of the biggest fans/supporters of the series i have so much souvenirs and trinkets to fairy tail. I have all the blurays of the anime up to date 20 volumes. And all the manga up to date in English 54 and all their side manga like fairy tail zero and ice trail etc. I admire the author hiro mashima so much i even have his other series like monster hunter and monster soul (still working on rave master). I truly love this series more than any other franchise and I’m very proud to be a fan ❤️👆🏻 #fairytail #hiromashima #fairytail10years #manga #anime

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This nalu omake is life

wat is this

mashima yo like the fanservise bro

not that i complain

i just found this funny oh god laxus you perv


wtf natsu 



omigod natsu you perv



hiro love ya bro ths ending is life

And this ? mavis x zeref shipping nalu this coudnt be better, now if somene still says nalu wont cannon i dont wanna know more okaybye

btw it took me long too find but here’s a link to the omake in english welcome.;



Day 2 Prompt: Reunion

Lyrics: Still - Seinabo Sey

Ahhh!! Happy NaLu week day 2! Here’s page two, PLEASE LISTEN TO THE SONG WHILE READING THIS PAGE. I think it’s perfect for them, so I made it Lucy’s walking song. :) Next prompt is two pages long, we get to see Lucy finally aahh! Guess who’s the mama bear walking her down the aisle!?

Again, for all the pages, go to: #naluweek16comic~ *throws more confetti* 

Art Tag | Commissions

Commission for @rzerox21xx of erza and jellal finding out they’re going to be parents. As you can see, jellal is shocked, but happy. Also, computer is down and won’t be back up til after this weekend. The people I have commissions for are aware and rest assure, it will be done! Others who want a commission or tutorials, I will answer soon! Thank you!!