I’ve been tense pretty much every friday since this arc started. And for good reasons too! Because things are getting way out of hand and though I know that the fairies will come out on the top. Mashima is still doing this sooo good, that it makes me doubt that they will make it..

But this chapter, WOAAH! Silver is future Gray!! I’ve absolutelty no doubt about that part anymore!! AND POOR SWEET MEREDY!! Seeing her just broke my heart :’(

Fairytail helped me come to terms with my grandfathers death and my parents divorce. In 7th grade my grandfather became diagnosed with cancer. So I stayed with him for two weeks while my grandmother went to work. We watched the price is right family feud the wheel of fortune home improvement everything morning for two weeks while I did stuff like make sure his urine bucket was emptied and gave him his ensure. After my two weeks was up we got a phone call telling us that it was about that time. I didn’t know what to expect. When we got there and I saw him it was the scariest thing because it wasn’t him I was staring at it was Death. But there was the split second where we made eye contact and he remembered me. And very quietly he told me to “Live on.” For five years I had no idea what he meant. That is until fairytail. The scene when jellal is contemplating suicide and erza gives him the speech about living on and moving forward. I finally understood what he meant. It clicked. So this tattoo is my connection between my love for fairytail and my grandfathers last words to me.