Breath In

Everyone has their own unique scent. It comes from the mixture of things like preferred soaps, perfumes, the things they ate, the type of clothes they wear. But it also came down to a person’s basic physical makeup, the magic in their souls, and the body they solely possess. Everyone was different.

No one knew this better than Natsu, who’s nose could probably rival a blood hound. He mused this over as he sat at one of the long tables in his home, Fairy Tail guild hall. The dragon-slayer had his head down on his folded arms, feigning sleep. Sometimes it was nice to just listen and take in the scents around him of his family. Not many people would take Natsu for someone who liked to sit quietly, so he found this was a great way of indulging those rare moments without too much fuss. With his eyes closed, face hidden, the salamander focused on his surroundings. He could tell where everyone was just by their scent.

The first scent to his nose was obviously his own. He always thought he smelled like the essence of fire rather then something actually burning, like the aura of heat itself. Like Igneel had smelled: Heavy, like noon sun in a desert and underlined with things like baked earth, spices, and ash.

To his right, directly beside him, the smell was strongest and so familiar, he could probably sense them in the darkest of places. Delicate vanilla, summer sunlight, the sweetness of waterlilies, and beneath that, something that he could only describe as a sparkling, like moonlight, an ancient kind of smell. It reminded him of the stars. This was his best friend, could only be Lucy.

To his direct left, a completely different scent. This one was like a blast to the senses, so distinct and obviously theirs’ that Natsu could never mistake them for another person. The earthiness of herbs, peppermint to be specific, and something like ginger, spicy and strong, winter winds, and snow. He always smelled like a winter storm, and reminded the salamander of a soft, muted night heavy with silent sifting flakes and swirling blizzard winds. Gray’s presence was as familiar to him as a brother.

Another scent drifted to him from across the table, bringing a wave of nostalgia of reading lessons and fear. Metal and leather, polishing oil, and heavy fabric. In between these was also a melancholy scent, something like tears. There was also the faint sweetness like strawberries. More like strawberries and frosting. These smells were so thoroughly Erza, it was would have been impossible to be anyone else.

All around him, the familiar fragrances of his family swirled. Fish, wind, and fur: Happy. Iron, blood, and autumn leaves: Gajeel. Books, lavender, and ink: Levy. Heavy cigar smoke and hair gel: Wakaba. Beer and dark fire: Macao. Mountain wind and ocean mist: Wendy. Tea and jasmine: Carla. Storms and rage: Laxus. Sulfur and honey: Mirajane. Grass and cherry candy: Lisanna. Animals and pine: Elfman. Kiwi and steel: Panther Lily. Linseed oil and pigments: Reedus. Sunlight and juniper: Loke. Whiskey, coconut, and cards: Cana. So many others, all drifting around in a cloud around him, making him smile and made his eyes well up. He was glad for the shield of his arms, the guise of sleep.

“Natsu must really have worn himself out on our last job. He’s sound asleep!” the voice to his right half-whispered. Not that it mattered, the hall was so loud, Lucy could have been yelling and it wouldn’t have made a difference. He felt her hand rub between his shoulder blades gently, the movement carrying the scents of vanilla and sunlight swirling around him faster.

“Pathetic, really. We were barely gone a week and it’s not like those guys were hard to take care of. He didn’t even do any real work, the bum,” the ice master’s voice chimed in, peppermint and snow scents whirling to Natsu’s nose with each word. He nearly gave up his charade then to snap at his rival but was interrupted by the last voice across the table.

“Leave him be. We all did great work and Natsu’s been working hard lately. We all deserve the rest, though I must say I wouldn’t take it so far as to sleep on the table. Perhaps we should take him home.” Erza’s strawberry scent was stronger, probably meaning she was enjoying a slice of her favorite cake as a reward to herself.

“No, let him sleep a bit longer. Someone’s bound to throw a chair or something soon and wake him up anyway. Enjoy the quiet while you can.” The hand between his shoulders lifted away and the scents of stars and vanilla became fainter. Lucy had gotten up and moved away. Natsu sat still for while longer, breathing in the remnants of her, listening all around again. The guild was growing noisier still and he knew he couldn’t keep up the charade for long. The dragon slayer waited until a crash sounded (it was inevitable, there was always something being smashed at Fairy Tail just as Lucy had said) before lifting his head and opening his dark eyes to take in the sights before him.

Across the table, just as he knew, sat Erza, eating her third or fourth slice of strawberry cake. Beside him, Gray, half undressed and tipsy from the beer in front of him, was shouting across the room to Loke, who had a gin and tonic in his hand and a wicked grin, Cana to his right drinking by the barrel-full. Happy was fluttering around the room, trying to impress Carla with his acrobatics. His family, his huge, loud, powerful family, all of them laughing and drinking and fighting. The fire in his heart flared at the view, a grin spreading across his face as he scanned the crowd. But one was not in sight, her sweet laugh missed among the others, her delicate scent growing fainter. Standing, waving sleepily to Erza and Gray, Natsu skirted the tables and followed his nose. It weaved around his guildmates, in his mind’s eye a delicate pink shimmer that lead him outside.

The night was quiet, stars spangled overhead, the boisterous noise from the hall dulled as the heavy door shut behind him. Again, Natsu picked up the trail, following the familiar scent along the street and down to the river. There she stood, leaning against the rail of the bridge, looking out over the water in the moonlight. The smell of stars and magic seemed to be more powerful around her at night.

“Hey Lucy.”

At his voice, the blond turned, surprised but with a smile. “Natsu! Did you get a nice nap in? I didn’t think you’d wake up for anything!” He joined her on the bridge, leaning on the rail beside her, their arms touching at the shoulder. It was a cool night and she shivered, unconsciously leaning closer to his warmth.

“I noticed you were gone. I wanted to say goodnight,” the salamander explained, looking out over the dark water, watching the moonlight dart and dance across the ripples.

“How’d you ever know I left? I couldn’t have been gone more then ten minutes!” she laughed a little, sending her scent swirling around him around, vanilla and stars and waterlilies. Turning to her now, without really thinking, because he rarely did ever think things through, his fingers slipped through her hair, catching a lock and gently lifted it to his nose. A blush spread across her cheeks but the celestial wizard didn’t back away, only turned to stare at her partner.

“I always know when you’re with me, Luce. It doesn’t smell like home without you there beside me,” Natsu grinned, letting the words tumble from his mouth, letting instinct guide him as he always did. He never did think too hard about whatever he said, he just said what he felt. And he meant what he said, as he looked into Lucy’s warm chocolate eyes, took in the breath of her that made his heart swell. Her cheeks were flushed pink. Perhaps she was colder then he thought.

“Come on, I’ll walk you home,” he offered, letting the strands of her golden hair slip between his fingers, the hair whispering like silk against his rough hand. Turning to walk on, he stopped as he felt her hand grip the cloth of his sleeve. “Lucy?” he turned, confused, only to be met with Lucy’s wide brown eyes, glittering with hot tears. “Luce! What happened? What’s wrong, what did I say? I’m sorry! Please don’t cry!” Beside himself, feeling stupid and panicked, he turned to her again, taking her into his arms where she caught at his jacket, burying her face against his shoulder. “Aw, Luce, please, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry!”

She choked a short laugh through her tears. “I just…I wanted… Natsu, you… It doesn’t feel like home to me without you either.” Pulling her away lightly, Natsu reached up and wiped her tears away with his thumbs, holding her face gently, gazing into her eyes once more. The fire dragon smiled as he pulled her closer again, slowly lowering his head to rest his forehead against hers’, his eyes closed, just breathing in, going quiet as he so rarely did. The sound of the river, their breathing, and their heartbeats hummed in his ears. They stood together for a long time, wrapped in each other’s arms and auras; heat and stardust and spice and sweetness and ash.

Everyone has their own unique scent, that stems from all different factors, that all inevitably mix together depending on a person’s family or friends or guild. Everyone, even if they aren’t a dragon slayer, can recognize what home smells like. And for Natsu and Lucy, home smelled like fire and stars.

A/N: This is the first writing of any kind I’ve done in about 10 years. Hope you enjoyed it.

Gray & Juvia Episode List UPDATED   (◍•ᴗ•◍)

Finally updated! Shoutout to @rieriebee for making the lovely banners!

This is episode list shows what episodes Gray & Juvia are in together or have moments in. I made this for all the Gruvia lovers out there like me, that would like to go back and re-watch certain moments between Gray & Juvia to see their overall development. I fixed the errors I found but may have forgot a few little things here and there but overall this is 99% of it. So please no hating, this took me a while (too long actually….) Enjoy ◕‿◕!

Gray and Juvia Episode List:

Episode 25: Gray & Juvia meet. They battle then later on Gray saves Juvia.

Episode 33: Gray & Juvia at the Casino, Juvia protects Gray from an attack.

Episode 41: Juvia joins FairyTail, Gray congratulates her.

Episode 48: Juvia & Gray on a float together during the festival. They put on a show together with their water and ice magic.

Episode 50: Juvia buys a love potion to use on Gray, it doesn’t work. He ends up going insane and trying to compete with everyone.

Episode 71: Juvia defends Gray while everyone is bashing him of his actions against FairyTail.

Episode 72: Gray & Juvia do their 1st Unison raid together.

Episode 75: Gray & Juvia participate in the FairyTail race. Juvia waits by a stream for Gray but accidentally turns into water and flows down the stream.

Episode 77: Gray shows Juvia how to eat a caramelized frank. (Fav)

Episode 78: Juvia & Gray in Edolas form.

Episode 97: Gray & Juvia participate with others for a S class mission.

Episode 110: Juvia VS Meredy. Meredy sensory links Gray & Juvia together from their strong feelings towards one another.

Episode 115: Gray protects Juvia from Ultear’s attack.

Episode 116: Gray tells Juvia to go after Meredy and Zeref. 

Episode 122: Gray carries Juvia on his back, protecting her from Acnologia.

Episode 124: Lyon falls in love with Juvia. Gray says this is going to get complicated.

Episode 129: Juvia follows Gray and Erza while on a mission to make sure nothing happens between them.

Episode 133: Juvia, Gray and Lyon get paired to go on a mission.

Episode 134: Juvia, Gray and Lyon looking for the missing piece of the clock. Lyon flirts with Juvia a lot and she gets creeped out while Gray gets mad.

Episode 141: Juvia cheers for Gray, while him and Natsu argue.

Episode 151: Juvia pushes away Sugarboy for trying to get close to Gray.

Episode 153: Juvia and Gray go with other members to train for the Magic Games on an Island. They all end up going to Celestial World.

Episode 154: Still on the Island, Juvia tries to steal Gray away from the others for alone time. Meredy notices Juvia hasn’t made any romantic progress. Juvia, Gray and the others unlock their second Origin.

Episode 155: Juvia asks Gray out to dinner, and he agrees but, Lyon intrudes in and take Juvia away. Lyon then makes a deal with Gray, whoever that wins the Magic Games gets to have Juvia in their Guild.

Episode 157: Juvia is in FairyTail B team and Gray is in FairyTail A team.

Episode 158: Juvia and Gray participate in the same game, Juvia tells Gray she has no intention of loosing to him and he tells her to hit him with everything she’s got. Juvia ends up falling in love with all the Gray statues around her. Juvia attacks Lyon when he gets close to Gray. Lyon and Gray see Juvia’s panties.

Episode 161: Juvia had an imagination of Gray and Lucy together. Gray tells Juvia its not true.

Episode 165: Lyon and Juvia talk to Gray about who wants who. Erza talks to Gray about Juvia’s feeling towards him.

Episode 171: Juvia goes into the “Naval Battle” at the magic games. Erza tells Gray that Juvia is worried how he sees her. Juvia uses a move called “Wings of Love” the move was a declaration of her love to Gray. Gray Blushes and yells knock if off. 

Episode 176: Juvia cheers on Gray while he argues with Natsu.

Episode 177: Juvia replaces Natsu’s spot on FairyTail’s A team. Gray doesn’t mind, and Lyon blushes and is surprised.

Episode 188: Gray & Juvia fight together against Lyon and Chelia. 

Episode 189: Gray & Juvia do a unison raid together to defeat Lyon and Chelia.  When finished Juvia tells Gray she’s gong to hold his hand forever. Juvia helps carry Gray because he is weak. (fav)

Episode 193: Juvia & Gray do a unison raid together on a fire dragon. Juvia gets Gray all flustered.

Episode 196: Gray touches Juvia’s butt on accident. Gray pushes Juvia out of the way of a dragon and sacrifices his life for hers. (fav)

Episode 197: Juvia cries over Gray’s body. Gray comes back to life, saves Juvia again.

Episode 199: Juvia & Gray at the grand banquet. Juvia shows Gray her new self and he rejects her. She doesn’t stop trying and he calls her crazy.

Episode 201: Juvia can tell Gray is upset. She tells him to smile.

Episode 202: Juvia & Gray are out together in town when they meet up with Frosch.

Episode 203: Juvia & Gray brought back a billiard table to the guild from a mission they went on together.

Episode 205: Gray & Juvia go on a mission in their swimsuits to cool down a town from heat waves.

Episode 208: Juvia blushes and calls Gray courageous for striping.

Episode 214: Juvia is upset because she felt like she missed something important in Gray’s life.

Episode 217: Juvia & Gray with the others, are working to defeat the celestial beast. Juvia gets turned into a consolation, Gray screams her name.

Episode 218: Juvia & Gray are reunited. Juvia hugs Gray’s arm and he smiles.

Episode 220: Juvia & Gray 413 days. (FAV)

Episode 223: Gray and Lyon argue about when is Gray getting married to Juvia.

Episode 226: Juvia tries to find Gray when the Ichihya disease hit the town. She finds him and hugs him, but Gray hugs her back and was already affected by the disease.

Episode 234: Juvia made Gray “Gray buns” and “Juvia buns”. Gray decides to eat a bun and blushes before eating it.

Episode 237: Gray & Juvia riding on a wild cat to the council member’s house. Juvia and Gray in the broken town together.

Episode 239: Gray & Juvia on their way back to the guild. Juvia tells Gray she upset. Gray holds Juvia’s hand and says “Im here with you”. Gray promises Juvia that they will win like always.

Episode 241: Juvia & Gray with the others fight off enemies at Tartaros Guild. Juvia attacks an enemy behind Gray’s back and says she won’t let anyone embrace Gray’s back.

Episode 242: Juvia & Gray with the other jump into Tartarus’s Guild and fight together for a battle.

Episode 249: Gray blocks Silver’s attack on Juvia.

Episode 250: Juvia is concerned when Silver takes away Gray.

Episode 251: Keyes talks to Juvia about Gray’s past.

Episode 252: Gray fights Silver while Juvia fights Keyes. Juvia talks to Keyes about Gray. Gray has a flashback of Juvia before he cast Ice Shell.

Episode 253: Silver talks to Juvia and tells her to “take care of Gray”.

Episode 254: Juvia defeats Keyes and cries that she wants to see Gray.

Episode 265: Juvia follows Grays to his parents grave. She tells him she killed his father and has no right loving him anymore. Gray thanks her and falls into her chest crying. They embrace.

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By: Sidney Marek

Fairy Tail Chapter 545 Ending

Well the Korean Raw’s for Fairy Tail released. I want to say one thing. ONE THING. Basically the ships all did canon if you think about it, well we don’t know about Jerza. We know how Hiro is with the Jerza already anyways.

GRUVIA is canon. Basically what happened was Juvia was drunk and started stripping. Gray began to drag her out of the party and he left with her. Gray then talks about their double suicide they did together and then randomly he said, “I guess….maybe, you’re mine.” and he was BLUSHING. LITERALLY BLUSHING. I find it so cute, how he was blushing.

GAJEVY is canon. Basically at the party for Lucy’s book (Yes Lucy released that book finally and she got a award) Levy had slight tears in her eyes and Lucy said she heard the word Baby. Gajeel blushed hard and Levy was too. Levy is pregnant, with what is probably the twins from the light novel we all know of.

NALU is canon. You all probably aren’t liking how nalu ending was but basically, we haven’t gotten all the english translations yet. Once we get them of course we find out more about that scene but I do have one thing and this is the ENGLISH TRANSLATED DIALOGUE:

Natsu does say “We will be together from now on too!”

Lucy was also jealous of how close Gajeel and Levy were. In the chapter it seemed like she started crying thinking about Natsu meaning, she indeed was in love with him it seemed and she wanted a relationship and… he granted her it.

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So I thought I’d do a quick surf of the internet before hitting bed tonight and scrolling through twitter I find Hiro Mashima post that he has completed the final chapter of the Fairy Tail manga. If I thought my heart was broken that was only the start of it. I also read that Hiro and his team were gifted with a crystal tombstone with engravings of Happy, Natsu and Lucy as well as the running dates and Hiro’s name at the bottom. We have finally reach the end of an era and it will be a bittersweet ending when the last chapter finally goes up for all us fans out there. FAIRY TAIL FOREVER 👆🏻

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And to those who will leave the guild once the story is over…:

One: You must never reveal sensitive information about Fairy Tail to others for as long as you live.

Two: You must never use former contacts met through your being in the guild for personal gain.

Three: Though our paths may have diverged, you must continue to live out your life with all your might, you must never consider your own life to be something insignficant , and you must never forget about your friends who loved you!


Nalu Week day 6: Tattoo

“How much do I owe you for it?” He’d asked the older woman later, after Lucy had slipped from the room to join the others out in the lobby area.

Minerva had that little grin that drove Natsu and the guys around Saber crazy. It was the smirk that made it appear as though she knew something the rest of them didn’t know, “Free of charge.”


“Yeah, it was hardly any ink at all. It’s less of a tatto and more a new collection of freckles. Any idea why she wanted a constellation on her shoulder blade?”

Ink-Stained Skin, ch. 14, by wordsofawitheringwriter on tumblr  and on fanfiction.net

Thought this would fit the day just fine! Love her writing, her stories, and this one is a must! Don’t know why, but figures she’d tattoo aquarius’ constellation.

PS: I’m having some problems with the colours of my drawings, so if you have a spare time please take a look below!

So I’ve started using my Android tablet to draw and it’s been really fun, but with this drawing I noticed that the colours on my pc are COMPLETELY off! On my screen this was all pink!

I tried to correct it… Would you mind telling me which one you like best?

I’m really sad that it’s not looking like how I actually drew it :/

Still hope you like it though!


I am not saying anything and I am not saying it is confirmed to be continued with another series but, do you think Hiro would end it like this while Rave Master clearly got a romantic ending and a wedding between Elie and Haru. He even said in a tweet, and I will show you what he says and tell me what you think that means