Happy Birthday to my gorgeous, dumb, stunning, and evil baby deer!

Thank you, Yoona. Thank you for ruining my life just by breathing, and making me breathless with just a flip of your hair. Thank you for blinking, because there is nobody that has perfected the art of blinking like you have. And thank you for tearing my soul apart with each photoshoot and making me want to rip out my heart with every laugh and fuck you so much because when you dance I feel like my insides are melting and I hate that you believe that you aren’t as amazing as I think you are, and yet you constantly work hard and never give up and always try your best at everything. I love you for motivating me to work harder and be a better person when all I want to do is be a lazy asshole. I love you for being such an inspiration and doing so much to help those that don’t have a nice life. Thank you so much for making me laugh when I want to cry with your wit and humor and stupid impressions and I really don’t know how I’ve made it through another year of your flawless existence, but I’m glad I have.

Me in a shcool hall
  • Me: Fuck this shit
  • Me: Why the fuck are you making out in the middle of the hall?
  • Me: Fuck you and your fucking relationship
  • Me: I'm so lonely
  • Me: Hey, there's this little thing called deodorant. FUCKING USE IT!
  • Me: I wonder how much time I'd do in jail for killing that person over there.
  • Me: Oops wrong way
  • Me: I swear to fucking god if someone bumps into me one more time will slice them open and choke them with their own intestine.
  • Me: I really fucking hate this place
  • Me: When's lunch
  • Me: I'm so done with this shit.
  • Me: Fuckity bye!

harrys stare has got this reverse medusa thing going on instead of turning you to cold hard stone when he glances your way you melt into a gooey puddle of warmth