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Strikhedonia! With Everlark, please. ;)

Requested by @shesasurvivor, anonymous and @akai-echo. A special dedication to @akai-echo, who has had a particularly rough week and was in need of a bit of “dark-alley nookie” so here goes. ((Hugs))!

Strikhedonia - The pleasure of being able to say “to hell with it”.

Rated M

Peeta finished the last slide of his presentation, pinching the bridge of his nose between his finger and forefinger. It usually didn’t take him long to put together his history lectures but he was more distracted today than usual.

It was Friday and he had a special evening planned.

“Still hanging around?” Thresh asked.  Thresh Arceneaux was a professor of architecture and Peeta’s neighbor, both at the office and in the historic brownstone where professors could choose to live during their first year of tenure at Panem University.

Peeta pushed a stack of books aside, reaching behind to unplug his computer. “I’m on my way out now. Just wanted to have everything ready for Monday.”

“Procrastination. You should try it. Especially on the eve of your anniversary,” Thresh teased, leaning against the doorjamb of Peeta’s office with a shit-eating grin that broke the tension Peeta felt and brought a smile to his face.

“I’ve got it all set up.  Dinner, gift, flowers, the works.  All that’s missing is me.” Peeta stood, dusting off his pants and picking up the slim, soft leather case he used to transport the papers he graded or one of his many Art history books between his house and the university.

“Wining and dining your lady tonight?” Thresh said. “Guess you’re gonna be keeping me and Rue up this weekend.”

Peeta chuckled. “No, I’m driving us up to my family’s place on the lake for the weekend. We’ll have the cabin all to ourselves.” He added with a wink. “You guys can get some sleep.”

Thresh guffawed. “Nice!  So, why are you still here?”

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Title:  Little Birds

Author:  Dyce

Link:  http://archiveofourown.org/series/199673

Rating:  K

Length:  Series (8124)

Pairing:  Katniss/Peeta


1. Little Birds - During her recovery after the war, it occurs to Katniss to wonder what has become of Rue’s family, those little dark birds… 

2. Measured in Cakes and Inches - After ‘Little Birds’, Peeta and Katniss continue to rebuild, supported by their adopted family which is supplemented by two new additions. After the second arrives, Katniss finally Says Something that she couldn’t say before.

Why This is Good:  Rue’s siblings!  Katniss recovering by taking care of people!  Also, all the relationships.