NAME: Enid

AGE: Late Teens



BACKSTORY: Claims she was raised as a shinobi warrior by her supermodel dad and spy mom, who have forced her to get a part time job.

CHARACTER BIO: Fighter-type who knows martial arts. Unparalleled skill, speed and sarcasm. Works the counter at Gar’s.

ATTACKS: Power Foot Fireball, can disappear in a puff of smoke only leaving a log

WEAKNESSES: Annoying customers, regular customers

FUN FACT: Spins music around town as DJ Fireball.

VOICED BY: Ashly Burch


HEY GUYS!!!!! THAT SHOW I’M WORKING ON!!! JUST RELEASED ITS FIRST SIX EPISODES!!!! ON THE CARTOON NETWORK APP!!!!! (you can also watch it on demand if you’ve got cable!)

maybe give it a watch!! all of us on the crew have had such a fun time making it and we hope you guys have a fun time watching it! i did the sidekick episode with haewon lee! she’s amazing and inspires me on the daily!!

(also ill get back to doing daily KOs as best as i can manage, shit’s been way busy lately)


Meet Enid in this new compilation clip!