HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUPERT

Happy Birthday to the most amazing actor on this Planet ! Rupert Grint ! Who’s now 25 !

  Thank you for being such a caring, humble, amazing, cute, funny, talented, crazy, friendly person!

Matthew Lewis - “He was quite an enigma, as he didn’t talk much about himself – he still doesn’t – but he liked to have fun. In our spare time we hung out a lot in his room, where he had a pool table and a dartboard with a picture of Saddam Hussein stuck on. Then we’d spend hours exchanging endless obscure Alan Partridge quotes.”

Evanna Lynch - “He’s just so like, so chilled out. And easy to talk to and, and, and, funny as well, you know? And you just, you like talking to him.“

James Phelps - “I’ll say Rup, I mean Rupert who plays Ron, he’s probably the most down-to-earth guy you will ever meet, ever.”

Daniel Radcliffe - “Rupert is incredibly funny.”

Ed Sheeran - “Rupert Grint is the nicest guy you could possibly meet”