R5 Preference: They tweet a picture of your kids

@RikerR5: she stole my glasses 😎 #daddysgirl

@RatliffR5: taking after his father already, ive taught him well! #minime

@RydelR5: All ready to go to Uncle Ryland’s wedding! Can’t wait to see everybody!

@RockyR5: She is loving being a big sister :)

@RossR5: Best friends!

@RylandR5: They love playing in the leaves! #familyfun

R5 Preference: Their favorite place to kiss you
  • Riker: He usually kisses your hair or the top of your head. Since he's so tall its the easiest place for him to reach and whenever you two are out in public he can quickly lean down and kiss you there. 
  • Ellington (Ratliff): His favorite place to kiss you is your nose. He thinks it so cute and he absolutely loves how you giggle whenever he sneaks a peck at your nose. 
  • Rydel: Rydel loves to kiss your cheek whenever you two are in front of her family because of how protective they are over her. This way she still gets to kiss you without freaking her brothers out too much. 
  • Rocky: Being the cheeky guy he is he will always kiss your neck occasionally nipping at it and leaving small marks so everyone knows you are his and onky his. 
  • Ross: He almost always kisses your lips because even with all the Raura and Raia drama he wants everyone to know you are the only one for him. 
  • Ryland: Whenever you went to help out Ryland at an R5 show he would be running around setting up while you helped Stormie take pictures but everytime he passes you he presses a quick kiss to your forehead before running off again.