Sore- Elijah Mikaelson

Requests- Elijah smut where he dominates you and he holds you so tight that he leaves huge ass bruises? - Anon

hi can i have a cheeky elijah mikaelson imagine where you two had sex the night before and you’re sore and he carries you around all day? also can you be wearing his shirt and he loves it and makes a comment about it? thank youu :) -frozenpeasonafriday


“Fuck, Elijah.” You moan his name as he lays you down on the bed, both of you already naked from shedding your clothes as you walked to the bedroom.

“You’re so wet..” He trails off, running his hand to between your legs. You spread them, lolling your head back and tensing slightly.

Elijah kneels on the floor, pulling you closer to the edge and spreading your thighs, his fingers press into them, keeping your fro moving too much as you lean up to look at him. He looks up at you, right into your eyes, before dipping his head down to run his tongue up to your clit. You whimper, falling back onto the bed and trying to thrust your hips up towards him.

“Oh, god.” You cry out bringing your hands down to tangle in his hair, messing it up as you grip it tightly.

He moves back, standing up and lining himself up with your entrance. He locks eyes with you and you take his face in your hands, pulling him down to kiss you. He pushes into you and you break the kiss, moaning as your eyes flutter closed and your hands grip his biceps. Elijah wastes no time at all, thrusting his hips into yours at a bruising pace. He stops and you open your eyes, wondering why he stopped. But your wonder is short lived, because he flips you onto your stomach and pulls your hips onto his in a matter of seconds.

“Fuck, Elijah, yeah.” You put your hands in front of you as you push back onto him, gripping the sheets for dear life.

“If only the rest of the world knew what you were like in here with me, hmm?” He leans down, hips still moving wildly as his hand pulls your hair, forcing your head up so he could whisper in your ear better.

“The way you push back onto me, you want it, possibly more than I do.” Elijah says dirtily in your ear as you move your hips.

“Yeah, I want it.” You answer and he moves a hand around your stomach and between your legs, finding your clit clumsily and rubbing it in quick, hard, circles.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” You nearly scream as you tense up completely and your orgasm comes crashing down onto you.

“Just, like, that.” Elijah’s words break up as he orgasms not a second after yours begins. He rolls off of you and onto the bed as you turn around to lay down yourself.

He gather up a sheet and wipes down your legs, discarding it in the hamper after he finishes cleaning the both of you up. He pulls his boxers up his legs and you pull your panties and shorts on. You both drift off to sleep in the darkness of the room and under the softness of the sheets.


“Good morning, beautiful.” You sigh as you hear his words, you roll over and look up at him, smiling in the dim sunlight.

“Morning.” You mumble and he sits up, standing not a second later. You roll over to follow but soon figure out that the pain that courses through your legs as you stand prohibits you from doing so.

“Sore?” Elijah asks and hands you one of his shirts.

“A little, carry me?” You put the shirt on and then lifts your arms. He smiles and chuckles, but lifts you up anyways.

“Kitchen.” You point towards the door and he kicks the door open gently, walking both of you through it with a smile.


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You promised me forever - Elijah Mikaelson

Based on: this imagine. (I recommend listening to You Are The Only One by Sergey Lazarev when you read this) 

There was one thing that had been on his mind, you. The two of you fell in love a year back. Back when you were just an ordinary human. Back when you didn’t know about vampires, werewolves and hybrids.You met Elijah at a difficult time in your life. Your dad was just sent to Afghanistan to serve his country, your mother was an alcoholic struggling to stay sober and you just moved to New Orleans to get away from your old life and have a new start. You started working at a local coffee shop where he became a regular. 

After a month or so he had asked you out and you, naive as you were back then, said yes. Later that same day he picked you up to take you to dinner. The two of you really hit it of. From this day you talked more and more. He found you interesting and you thought of him as a new adventure in your life. He could be the one to make your life a bit more adventurous. As the time flew by you fell in love with each other. His kind words had you hooked. 

One day not to long after the two of you were official he asked you: “Do you promise me that this will last forever?” You still not knowing he what he truly was, you just smiled at him. “I promise as long as I am alive, that can be our forever.” He kissed your forehead and you leaned back into his embrace thinking no more of it. 

You had a late night shift and was about to close when a last costumer came in. “I’m sorry, but we’re closed, Mr.” You said not looking at him. He stood still causing you to gaze over at him where you saw his teeth grow and his eyes turn bloody red. “Mr?” You said a bit more anxious. You pressed speed dial and called Elijah as you ran for the bathroom. It didn’t ring one time before Elijah answered. The intruder appeared in front of you just before you reached it. “Elijah! There’s someone here. You need to help me!” You called out. He took a hold of your phone and crushed it within his hand.  

You turned to run for the door. “There is money in the register! take whatever you want!” You said, but he closed in on you. “I don’t need money.” His voice was dark and gave you the chills. He grabbed you by the wrist and pulled you closer. He took a deep breath. “You smell so good.” Out of nowhere Elijah came rushing in and ripped out the intruders heart. You backed away from him, not believing what you just saw. “Elijah? You killed him.. That man, you killed him.” You swallowed hard as you backed away. “Y/n, he would’ve killed you…” He tried closing in on you, but you kept backing away. “What are you..?” Terror had you all teary by now.

“I will tell you everything as soon as I get you out of here, if you just come..” He tried getting closer again, but you found a knife and threatened him with it. “Don’t you ever come close to me ever again!” You threw the knife at him, not wanting to hurt him, but to slow him down as you ran for the backdoor. 

You ran as your life depended on it, which you thought. When you finally got home you packed your bag and gathered the most important things you needed. A soft knock on the door made you jump. You didn’t dare to open it so you climbed out the window. 

Somehow you had slipped beneath his fingers from here. But already from the first time he laid eyes on you he was hooked. Something with you made him feel different. You were the one who got away and he did not like it at all. You had been able too sneak away from him for a while. People had helped you, much to your surprise since you found out that he was a original vampire. 

It had been a year. A whole year since you last saw Elijah or any of his family. You were meeting a vampire at a local coffee shop to arrange a meeting with a witch to hide you from anyone who looked for you. The meeting had just started when the windows was crushed. In a hurry you hid under the table so you didn’t get hurt by the glass. The vampire you were supposed to meet fled, covered in fire leaving you biting you closing your eyes and praying to God that this wasn’t Elijah. 

“I know you’re here Y/n!” He yelled as he entered though the now broken window. You opened your eyes, but held your breath. He walked towards you, listening to your heartbeat. “I won’t hurt you.” He sat down and looked at you. You stayed put, leaving him crawling under the table and carefully grabbing out and pulled you out. “Y/n, talk to me, or at least hear me out.” You looked at him.

Somehow you had missed him. You had missed having someone like him. “Why did you keep it from me?” You finally said. “Because I wanted to find the right time.” A little laugh escaped your lips. “There is no thing such as the right time.” He sighed and eyed you as if he could retell every detail. “I am sorry I didn’t tell you, I just didn’t want you to fear me…” You tried to get lose from his grip by stepping back, but he didn’t let you. “Good job.” 

“Don’t be like that.” He closed in on you, but you looked away from him. “Give me another chance, I know you want to.” He said a bit lurking. You could believe your own ears, this wasn’t the Elijah you had fallen in love with. “No, I don’t actually.” He used his hand to lift your head up so you looked him in the eyes. “You promised me forever Y/n, and the first thing you told me was that you never broke your promises.”

All these thoughts rushed through your head. You were almost hypnotized by his eyes. How could someone like this have captured your heart? “Elijah, stop.” Your hand lifted up to his chin and he let his head rest in it. “I’ve missed you, so much. But you really freaked me out.” His eyes turned sad. “you have my apologies, Y/n. I promise you that it won’t happen again, just give me another chance.” 

“One chance, but we take it in my tempo.” 


“Elijah,” You say to Elijah, who was leaned casually against the wall. A slow smile began to form on his face.

“Yes, Y/N?” Elijah said. Almost immediately, your pulse jumped at the sound of your name. How could he make your heart skip a beat by simply saying your name? 

“You’re staring,” You state as you try to mentally shake off the effect he had on you. Elijah seemed to notice that your mind was distracted and crossed the room over to where you. He didn’t stop until you were only several inches away from him, your pulse pounding louder as he edged closer. Elijah’s smile deepened.

“Your pulse…” He began, “It quickens as I come closer.” 

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Thunder Buddy

Requests: “Could you do a thunder buddy fluff with Elijah, where the reader is deathly afraid of thunder and its just fluffy cuddly goodness,I love your blog by the way please keep writing☺💜”

The storm outside raged on and you folded the large blanket over your body. Of course New Orleans would have an un-welcomed storm in the middle of the night and you were all alone in a little room where Elijah and his brother Klaus let you stay. You didn’t even remember if you told them you were afraid of thunder and lightning.

It was a long story but the flashes of light outside made your stomach churn and the thunder shook the building, rumbling through the floor and to your bed. You groaned and knew that you could never sleep like this. Not even putting the pillow over your head would put you to sleep or block out the vibrations of the thunder.

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