The Tightrope

Eleven’s eyes shot open, but other than that she was unable to move. There was a violent pounding in her head and all she wanted to do was curl into a ball and wait for it to dissipate, but she was paralyzed.

With heaving breaths she attempted attempted to take in her surroundings, but the only thing she could sense in the blackness was the hard ground beneath her, slick with cold water that numbed her fingertips and a stench similar to that of rotting flesh lying stagnant in the air. It seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere all at once.

She shuddered, suddenly realizing where she was; The In-Between.

But how? She thought to herself. The last thing she remembers is Mike leaning against the science room cabinets, hot tears streaming down his cheeks before she said goodbye and turned back to The Demogorgon. The look of complete anguish and hurt in her friend’s eyes would be sure to haunt her, but she knew it was for the best. To keep them safe. Unfortunately, her fragmented memories couldn’t explain anything that happened after that.

She wanted nothing more than to call out for him, but her throat was raw from screaming and subconsciously she knew it wouldn’t matter. He couldn’t hear her. He was the acrobat and she was the flea, stuck in the threads of the tightrope.

She wondered how long she had been trapped here like this. The blood that had flowed from her nose and ears from using her powers had crusted over. Caked onto her skin in an unforgiving manor. There was no concept of time in this realm and she had returned Mike’s watch to him before getting into the bath earlier that day. Was it still that day?

She tried once again to sit up, hoping her inability to do so earlier was just a trick The In-Between was playing on her, but it wasn’t. She couldn’t even move her fingers. The only things that seemed to be free were her eyes and mouth. So she tried once more to observe her surroundings the best she could in a place that had no light or shadows. A place that just was.

Fortunately, despite it’s scent seeming to linger somewhere in the air, there was no sight of the monster she had seemed to defeat. This realization led to a loosening in her muscles, hoping that it was gone for good. Her friends would finally be safe from the monster she had unleashed. They would be safe from her.

But then she felt it…. an ache in her gut as if all the misery she had felt in her life was suddenly living inside her stomach. She wanted to double over and vomit. Anything to get the feeling out. But all she could do was lie there and choke back the cries that caught in her throat as she thought about what she sacrificed herself for, realizing she may never see the boys or Hawkins ever again.

Still too exhausted to even consider using her powers to help her up, she let a single, solitary tear slide down her cheek before slipping into unconsciousness.

So I know this is just a one-shot, but would you guys be interested in reading more of this? I have some ideas on the direction I could to take this story but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to or if I should. Shoot me comments or suggestions if you want!

Also available on AO3 http://archiveofourown.org/works/10490118

After watching Logan last night, I just had to draw Laura aka X-23 and everyone other favourite number-named experimental girl, Eleven.

So here is a cross over of X-Men and Stranger Things aka Uncanny Things!

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