{ time heals all wounds }

“sometimes it just takes a larger dose.”

a joan watson fanmix

1. champagne year - st. vincent
2. last chance - idiot pilot
3. apartment story - the national
4. supposed to be - tom odell
5. saviour self - barbarossa
6. so now you know - the horrors
7. light year - gregory alan isakov
8. take you away - angus & julia stone
9. start anew - beady eye
10. aftermath - vancouver sleep clinic

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Sherlock feeling chastised for having kept Gregson out of loop regarding his recovery, Gregson already knowing it and keeping a lid on it; Sherlock apologizing to the janitor for making his job difficult… what even.. I feel like someone getting out of a terribly dysfunctional relationship and finding a new and hopeful romance. There is a relief?! And by god is it good to see Joan being in her element (being a doctor that is).