female character meme » day twenty-four: a female romantic relationship - Miranda Priestly & Andrea Sachs aka Mirandy

I got a fax from Miranda Priestly herself saying that of all the assistants she’s ever had, you were by far, her biggest disappointment. And, if I don’t hire you, I am an idiot. You must have done something right.

you know why dwp is important it made me, a black man, uncomfortable. If you’ve read anything about the movie, you know that it’s a comedy, that…isn’t very funny and you will plainly see why. DWP examines racial issues among black (and to an extent white) people and its impact in institutions of higher learning. It also talks and bout relationships and even one very important sterotype that you don’t really pay attention to until the end.

So why did it make me uncomfortable, because of all the racial slurs that were contained in this movie, nothing hit me harder than seeing the blackface….it fucking killed me, but what hurt me more was watching Lionel Higgins, feel powerless (at first) to do anything.

And really all of Lionel ’ s scenes kinda made me feel that way because I think in the black community his character is the most underminded. While Lionel did have racial - hate to those of his own kind, it’s because those of his race never made him feel like he belonged and others of different cultures (especially whites) didn’t either. I completely understood everything he was going through and watching it happen was scary and it made me uncomfortable

as a wise man once said, art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.


He’s gone! Somebody fill me in! WHY IS HE GONE?!
I’m gonna miss seeing his excellence cross my dash. I know he’ll never see this, so instead I’ll just send my wish for his happiness and good fortune out into the universe and hope they make their way to him.


I’m doing this thing where I headcanon that Emily Blunt’s character from Devil Wears Prada and her character from Edge of Tomorrow are the same person. But after hundreds of days worth of the same day of combat, which was her first day as a conscript in the new global war that changed the cultural landscape of the planet and made her job in fashion obsolete, the Emily Charlton who lived to please Miranda Priestly became this badass, hardened soldier who takes no shit, and she changed her name because she considers herself a separate person now.

(ps in the book All You Need Is Kill, Rita Vrataski is a pseudonym anyways)


This video already been some time, and i just stumble across it a few days before … OMG . I cant help but think that’s some big scene where Andy propose to Miranda after the song….  I totally need Devil Wears Prada 2