• What she says: I’m fine.
  • What she means: Miranda and Andrea are about to kiss because Miranda is losing her famous control on her feelings but you’re talking to me so now I have to pretend I’m interested in you however I have not seen you write any Lily and the Crown or Ninety Days to Glory or Fur? No Thanks, I’d Rather Go Naked! or Run Like the Devil or Into the Fire or Losing Miranda or Lost and Found or Lost Treasures or A (not exactly) Storybook Romance or…, so until you do I’d appreciate it if you leave me alone so I can immerse in my daily Mirandy feels, thank you.

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We can largely blame @streepytime for this one. 

But one voice got through, caught her up by surprise
It said, “Don’t hold us back we’re the story you tell,”
And no sooner than spoken, a spell had been broken

Dar Williams & Joan Baez - You’re Aging Well

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Emily Charlton has had what some might call a phenomenal decade. She would never presume to use those actual words, because while she might have embraced many things about this side of the pond, anything more than mild self-deprecation still leaves her feeling faintly nauseated.

Runway has been good to her, that much is certainly true. After two years in Paris she returned to take over Nigel’s role, and as Miranda finally edges towards the dreaded r-word, Emily has been a de facto Editor-in-Chief for almost two years now. 

It makes sense, in the days of Elias Clarke finally jettisoning most of its titles and slashing savagely at the books still turning a profit, that Cat Grant would finally make a move. National City is honestly the kind of West Coast hellhole that has Emily reaching for the factor 60 on a compulsive basis. Serena would have enjoyed the year-round sunshine, but their relationship hadn’t survived Emily’s hours as almost the new Miranda, and while they had parted on the best of terms on her 37th birthday, it made a fresh start more appealing than it might otherwise have been.

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