I hit the art block wall so here’s a doodle of small Egor and Akabayashi

Akabayashi will fight you, he’ll fight himself, he’ll kick your ass and make every kid he meets cry, Egor doesn’t value life and will end a small child if asked, probably

he also just wants to be left alone

nobody gets along. please behave


I don’t know what you mean by draw properly I have no idea what you mean by write neatly I’m too freaking tired to do any of that XDD ((Wow thx I can’t believe ppl actually like my comics, especially the Walmart one…))

Hey more trash from me QvQ… LOL

CHIBIRARARA part 6!! Vorona wants to know how to use Pokemon go!! ((I don’t feel like making her talk the way she usually does I’m too lazy))

#chibirarara more comics to come!!