Solas calls an elven Inquisitor “lathallin” at the veilfire torch, and some people think that was him trying to manipulate Lavellan -

but he continues to call you lathallin/lathallan if you have befriended him at that point.

This isn’t just trickery. 

Solas manipulates events, not people.

He tries to make himself amenable to the Inquisition, of course, because he wants his orb back. 

But he is always honest about wanting to get the orb. Granted, he doesn’t tell you why exactly he wants it recovered, but he never hides THAT he wants it recovered. 

He is a very honest dishonest person. He seldom outright lies. He never lies to you about wanting this orb. He very early - even before the orb first appears - states his wishes to recover what has created the Breach. 

And him calling an befriended Lavellan lathallin isn’t just trickery. 

And Solas always talks about “our people” when he begins to talk about elven history, lost elven culture, elven lore etc. 

Any of you know this meme in deviantart? We basically draw our OCs and make it like;
“Number 1 is eating some ice cream and 2 came to stole it” and draw it XD

Alright might introduce some unfamiliar ocs here:
1. Galreth (duh) - Skyrim
2. Jorin - DEATH! Comic
3. Ulna - my Randomly-generated Mass Effect Femme-Turian oc /sobs
4. Ophelia - yet a random oc of mine
5. Aerandil - oh you guys know him alright, Skyrim
6. Velara Tabris - Dragon Age Origins, City-elf Warden Comm.
8. Agent Harlow - My Marvel Universe OC, originally from “Avenger Alliance” facebook game huehue
8. Athlok Adaar - Dragon Age Inquisition, Qunari Inquisitor

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