Downton confession and early christmas present from me to tumblr

(spoiler warnings for anyone who hasn’t seen season six yet)

So ….. here’s the thing. I’ve been holding out on you all.

Some of you will remember that I went to Bampton to watch the filming there when everything was drawing to a close, and I ran into the lovely @chelsiefan71 with her long suffering children who weren’t THAT sure that a day hanging around a quaint Oxfordshire village was their idea of a holiday (am I right chelsiefan….). I digress. I had the ‘Thanks for the memories’ song that some of us on here put together for them, and by a stroke of good luck and Liz Truebridge’s generosity I got to meet some of the cast. I told you at the time that I hadn’t been able to take any pictures because I was shaking so much.

Which is partly true, but what I didn’t say was that someone else did take some pictures. I didn’t share them at the time, because although I got certain members of the cast to hide behind Jim Carter, I thought it would be too obvious what they were hiding, and so decided not to share them until the plot points had been revealed. So ….. here you are:

I will confess to squealing happily in front of Joanne Froggatt when I first saw her! That’s Sophie McShera peeping out the other side of Jim Carter …. she’s hiding because ….. well, I’m not telling you. But she’s wasn’t pregnant, it’s not quite that dramatic.

Sadly Phyllis Logan was a little late to the party, so I didn’t get a photo of her. But she was there. As was everyone else (including Dr Clarkson, Rose, Atticus, Rosamund, Mrs Patmore, Violet, Robert, Cora AND …….. BERTIE!). I am 99.9% convinced they were filming Edith’s wedding, and it was a wintery scene, there was much snow about. Also given the fact they were building Matthew’s tombstone whilst I was there, I am also reasonably convinced that the Isobel/Mary scene was one they shot the day after ….

I’m sorry for not telling all of you who have been stressing out about the need for a baby Bates that there was one on the way, but a small part of me did think it might not happen until the Christmas special, so I kept silent. 

There’s another plot point I knew about from that trip, as I ran into the lovely Heather (who you’ll all remember as the first to provide us with evidence that Mrs Hughes was married) and she shared the following picture with me, and has very kindly said I could post it here.

I’ve kept silent on most posts about Mary and her many suitors because no one seemed to like Henry that much, but knowing what I did made it easier to see the development of their relationship throughout the series!

I hope you all enjoy these now you’ve seen them!