Everyday there are people who live in constant threat of terrorists of all sorts. We don’t always hear about the mass shootings, bombings or ‘smaller’ events that people of this world suffer through; that doesn’t mean that they don’t happen continually. 

These events torment me. I do not understand them and probably never will. I cannot fathom why it is so hard for some to see that everyone on this planet is a human being. ‘Do no harm’ is a fairly simple concept (at least to me). 

In keeping with the ‘Strong’ theme from the Boston Marathon Bombings and the individual symbols designed after events such as that and the new Paris symbol, I decided to make this one. It stands for anyone, anywhere on this planet and hopefully, conveys the sense that every one of us are people, plain and simple. I thought maybe the world could use a symbol that stands against any atrocity that happens; one that could be used on a daily basis and shows support for everyone. 

I used stick figures and black and white to show that gender and race do not matter in the context of being civil to one another and to further emphasize that we are all the same species. I believe the globe and the peace symbols for heads are self explanatory. The coloring on the ‘globe’ head symbolizes hope. I kept the design simplistic because I do not believe that peace is a complex notion. I, also, did not perfectly measure out space or placement. I left in the imperfections of erased lines, etc… because the human race is far from perfect, nor do I expect they ever will be; perfection is unattainable, in my opinion. 

So, it is not the best drawing ever. Maybe it won’t mean a thing to anyone but me. However, I truly hope that others can feel the solidarity I was trying to convey with it. Feel free to use it as a symbol to stand together with our fellow humans. Let people know that the fighting and terrorizing is getting us no where and there are more of us that crave kindness and peace than hatred and violence. (Just be decent enough to not try to claim it as your own idea.) Thanks.


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