mine:doctor who

America vs England

Britain: Hey America would you like some fish and chips?

American: Nah but do you know what Im really in he mood for? Fish and fries!!!

*waves tiny american flag and sparklers*

Britain: Hey America do you like biscuit? 

America: Nope but I would like a cookie!!!

*waves tiny american flag and sparklers*

Britain: America get inside before it starts chuck it down!!

America: cant hear you over this rain!!!

*waves tiny american flag and sparklers over the downpour of the weather*

Britain: America are you watching Doctor Who?!?

America: No I’m watching Doctor Who!!!

Britain: Thats what I bloody said you wanker!!

America: Yeah I know but this one got more explosions!!!

*waves giant american flag while fireworks going off in the background and a bald eagle flies over head with a M14 and McDonald in its claws*