You stood on the roof surrounded by seventeen other dauntless initiates, eleven dauntless born and six transfers–including you. There were previously five other transfers, but one missed the train, one stayed on the train, one jumped too soon hit the side of the building and the final two were currently splattered on the pavement below.

“Alright, who’s going to jump first?” The trainer with too many piercings asked, he looked about a year older than you–young, but for some reason this didn’t surprise you–and he was massive. You knew you should be intimidated by him because of the way he looked at you, but you couldn’t seem to care.

You were the only Abnegation transfer this year, not just in Dauntless but in all factions, none of your other classmates had transferred into another faction, so the stares you’d received on the train were no surprise to you. The only reason you’d transferred was to see Tobias, but there was no sign of him, at least not yet. 

No one had made a move towards the ledge everyone was focused on anything besides the trainer in front of you. “I’ll go.” You said not caring about the looks of surprise that you got from everyone else. The trainer raised his eyebrows in surprise, surprise that a stiff would be the first to jump into the unknown. 

Whispers broke out around you, you ignored them and walked towards the ledge. “Got something to prove Stiff?” You heard someone ask. You turned around to see it was a dauntless born who was mocking you. “No. But you might, dauntless born, would you like to jump first? Prove your bravery?” You asked coldly from the corner of your eye you saw the trainer smirk. 

He shut up and looked around to see if anyone was on his side. “Well? We’re waiting?” The trainer said looking at the boy. “Didn’t think so. Continue.” He said looking back to you.

You walked on to the ledge, looked down at the gaping hole in the roof of the other building, if there wasn’t anything down there you’d be dead, but at least it’d be a short death. You closed your eyes and jumped. 

The wind rushed past you and your hair whipped around your face. You’d taken it out of the bun when you’d jumped on to the train all too eager to fit into your new faction, your sweater was lying somewhere on the streets below the tracts and you’d never felt more free, you couldn’t wait until you got a dauntless uniform. 

You hit something springy–a net–and bounced back up into the air before you landed on the net again, this time not as hard. You were grinning and a bubble of laughter escaped your lips, and for once you did nothing to stifle your laughter. 

Someone pulled the net to the side and you rolled over to the edge. A pair of strong hands grabbed you and set you on the ground. “Name?” You heard the familiar voice ask. You brushed your hair out of your face and looked at the boy. “Tobias?” You asked, you wanted nothing more than to wrap your arms around him and never let go, but something told you that it wasn’t a good idea. He looked at you in shock before a grin spread across his face. “You made it. Still want the same name?” He asked. You nodded and he called out to a group of dauntless you hadn’t noticed before. 

“First jumper (y/n)!” He shouted. “I’ll take care of you.” He whispered before he ushered you towards the rest of the dauntless who greeted you into their midst.

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Get to know me meme: 2/10 movies » Divergent 
     “Every faction conditions its members to think and act a certain way. And most people do it. For most people, it’s not hard to learn, to find a pattern of thought that works and stay that way. But our minds move in a dozen different directions. We can’t be confined to one way of thinking, and that terrifies our leaders. It means we can’t be controlled. And it means that no matter what they do, we will always cause trouble for them.”

Capture the Flag (Eric Divergent One Shot)

The air is cold and still as your team gathers into a circle to discuss the plan of attack. The adrenaline rushes through you at the thought of being the one to claim that flag to finish the game.

“Peter take these 3, Molly with the 2 on your right, (Y/N) you’re with me”. Eric looks at you all serious, he’s so damn competitive.

“Oh Eric, want me all to yourself eh?” You tease, he cocks an eyebrow. He’s used to your flirtacious behaviour now.

We split up and take separate ways, you and Eric head behind the containers. You jump as the crack of gunfire starts and Eric shoves you down behind the metal box, pushing himself down inches in front of you. You watch him check the area, eyes alert. He’s so close you can smell him, that smell you love, and your heart starts pounding.

“Breathing a little heavy initiate, nervous?” He turns to you, smirking. He’s so harsh but something about him draws you to him.

“As if.” You scoff and start towards the building next to you, Eric follows. This time its you that sees the opposing team and you push him against the wall, holding him there by his hard chest while you look back, gun raised in one hand to check for any threats. When you turn back, Eric is staring at you, chewing his lip.

“Whats up with you?” You ask, hand still on his chest.

He takes your hand off, turning you round so you swap positions, him pushing you against the wall.

“You’re kinda hot when you’re all fired up you know.” He says, voice low.

He places his hands on your hips and moves his leg between your thighs, putting pressure on your crotch.

“Well, this took a turn. What about the game Mr.Competitive?” You smirk, grabbing his muscular arms and pulling him closer.

“Fuck the game.” He growls, hoisting you up against the wall, wrapping your legs around him. He starts rough with your mouth, trailing kisses down your body as his fingers fumble to unbutton your shirt. You take his off now problem and trace your fingers over his muscular chest and stomach, moaning as he nips at your skin. You take off each other pants and he spins you round to face the wall.

“Bend over initiate” He demands, and you do as he says. Theres something so hot about the way he calls you that. You place your hands on the wall and bend, he moves his fingers over your ass and thighs tickling higher and higher. He grunts and you gasp as he runs his finger over your wetness and plays with your clit.

“Eric..please..” You moan.

He grabs your hips and teases his tip against your slit. Impatient, you push yourself onto him and you both moan as he starts thrusting, harder and deeper, fingers digging into your sides. With one hand on the wall you play with yourself, panting.

All too soon you feel your insides squeezing and his pace quickens as you both climax.  

“Fuck!” He pants, pulling out of you, you both collapse on the floor.

A few minutes later you hear cries of joy, and disappointment; someone must have got the flag.

“Ah shit” You groan, “Time to go”. He just looks at you and you both smirk. You both get up, him smacking your ass on the way. You yelp and he laughs.

“We should play games like this more often” You smirk and he laughs.

“Maybe we should, but you know, ill always win.” He winks, pulling his jacket on.

You cock and eye brow and kiss him one last time before heading out to join the others.