A Taste of Aradia

In AradiaGospel of Witches, the Goddess calls witches to her on the full moon and promises to deliver them from slavery and to provide them with what they need. What I like is that it invokes that rebellion, that independence witches bring out. This is reflected in the witches of our modern times in pop culture and real life. We have many a magical witch who are strong and sometimes outcasts. In my eyes the Goddess is the spirit of the land, moon, waters, and greater cosmic forces. By connecting to these forces of nature, and to spirituality,  you gain the Goddess' promise.

16 men are riding the bus from Superior in silence. The woman aboard holds the wheel, reflected back to us all in the mirror. Taken by her long blonde hair and dark roots I am reminded of Dianna, the huntress, meting out justice along more depraved routes and I am grateful for my seat sheltered from such violence.

Blessed Dianna, may you be a driver to those in need of your protection and may the basest of evil men be recompensed by you .


Dianna Agron, Nylon Magazine TV, Settembre 2013.