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Top 5 Dex moments/outfits? If you're still doing the top 5 thing :)

ahh! sorry for the late reply!! most of these are from the twitter ahaha but yeah okay….in not any real particular order, my fave dex moments:

  • from the twitter: when he gave chowder his jacket unprompted
    • chowder: “you know, people just give me stuff all the time? dex gave me his jacket today because I said it was chilly.” 
  • when he danced to madonna’s “like a prayer” in hockey shit #6: locker room (his smile…..w…….ow…let me Die)
  • nursey: would you ever sing to me? dex: no.
  • again from the twitter: when he gets all upset when nursey gets sick
    • “dex is legit. furious at nursey for not taking care of himself”
  • when he baked a pie with chowder and nursey!!!! (he also helped bitty cook thanksgiving dinner wow i’m crying)
  • BONUS: his discussions with shitty that are mentioned in the twitter!!! these would definitely be like top 5 but idk if all of them can count as A Moment since they happen on several occasions but yeah those are up there.

oh, and also my fave dex #Look just cause:


smh group chat at one point
  • dex:hey what's up
  • nursey:I hate small talk. I want to hear about your childhood and your favorite scents, what types of music you like, your religious views and where you want to live when you’re older. I want to know what keeps you up at night and how much certain things mean to you. Tell me your insecurities and your fears. I don’t want to know "what’s up"
  • dex:literally i'm gonna stuff your face into bitty's pie
Fortune Cookie

A NurseyDex ficlet inspired by my fortune cookie…

Make two grins grow where there was only a grouch before

Nursey stared at the small white slip of paper in his hand. Both his fortune cookie and the universe seemed to be screaming out for him to act. Dex had been in a mood since their last game. It was a loss, a hard one, and Dex seemed to blame himself for it despite the fact that he’d done everything he could to stop the other team. He’d hardly spoken to the team except on the ice since. Nursey knew he had to do something.

Dex groaned from his bed as the curtains over the attic window were thrown back. Blinding sunlight shone through driving him deeper into his nest of blankets.

“Close the curtains!” His voice was almost a growl but Nursey smiled just hearing him speak finally.

“Or what?”

“Or I’ll kick your hipster ass…”

Nursey chuckled softly as he crossed the room to the bunk beds.
“You love my ass, hipster or no.” The corners of Dex’s mouth moved slightly as Nursey continued. “You know Bitty’s making that blueberry lemon thing you like. The one that turned your lips blue for two days ‘cause you ate the whole thing by yourself.” The freckled cheeks continued to rise slowly.

“He is, really?” Nursey nodded and ran his fingers through his boyfriend’s short ginger hair. Dex pressed his head into the touch.

“It wasn’t your fault babe, there’s nothing you could have done. Those pricks were playing dirty and we both know it.” The smile under the freckles began to slip away. “Oh no you don’t, no more grumpy gills Dex. You’re going to get up and socialize with your team but before that you are going to shower cause frankly dear you are ripe.” The smile began to reappear as Dex reached up grabbing Nursey in his vice grip.

“Well then come here and I’ll share the funk with you!” Nursey shrieked and burst into laughter, high and loud, his emerald eyes shining with happiness.

“No get off me!” Dex’s laugh echoed off the walls along with Nursey’s and it was a sound that made Nursey smile brightly. With only minimal effort the ginger D-man was able to pull his partner into the nest of fleece and cotton. A light smile lingered on Dex’s face as he gazed at his boyfriend. “Done being a grump?”

Dex nodded in reply and pulled Nursey close to him. “Yeah for now at least,” Dex replied as he pressed a chaste kiss to Nursey’s lips. This time it was Nursey’s turn to smile.

headcanon that nursey gets one of his poems published in some pretty prestigious paper or something and everyone gathers in the haus to read it and it’s just full of autumn metaphors and anger and longing for someone unattainable. it’s a really fantastic piece of poetry and everyone says so, dex even compliments it and says “wow, you must really like this person”

and you know as soon as nursey and dex leave holster kinda sits there blankly and is like “everyone knows that poem was about dex, right?” and everyone responds like “oh, yeah duh”

  • nursey, nudging dex at 3am:listen. achilles loved patroclus so much. he went to war because they killed his one love patroclus... dex... william... he was So Gay for patroclus
  • dex:nursey i only went to sleep three hours ago. also i never read the iliad in ap lit i just used sparknotes you dingdong
  • nursey, pulling out a copy of the iliad:in book 24, lines 4-8, he states that he LONGED FOR PATROCLUS' MANHOOD and
William J. Poindexter
  • hates that stupid hipster “thrift shopping” fad
  • can cook pretty much anything BUT he need to see a recipe and he will follow it to a T
    • gets so mad when bitty just eyeballs shit jfc Eric how do you KNOW that’s a cup of milk u just poured it right in
  • somehow manages to hoard all of the snapbacks that get left behind at kegsters
  • deep down that kid is such a softie omg like 
    • it shows itself as anger but that is just how he knows how to express himself ya boy is sensitive af
  • he loves his freckles
    • not in a poetic nursey-comparing-them-to-the-stars kind of way but like
    • they’re a part of him and his whole family has them so why not just accept it
  • such sensitive skin omg
    • he didn’t know how to rlly take care of it properly for a long time but then he met bitty and ransom and u bet ur ass he picked up a tub of coconut oil within the first month
    • now he practically glows
  • an endless supply of lifehacks
    • like he knows how to make speakers out of solo cups 
    • and a lighter out of a battery and a gum wrapper 
  • has the highest alcohol tolerance out of the entire smh 
    • like that boy has been drinking whiskey since he was a wee one 
    • he can take a shot of it with a straight face 
    • and it terrifies most of the other boys (who stick to light beer and sticky sweet tub juice) 
  • constant dark circles under his eyes 
    • when he does sleep, he is the deepest sleeper ever 
    • (trust me when u grow up in a house full of people you learn to sleep through pretty much everything) 
  • he can whittle 
    • he’s p good at it
  • he remembers the smallest details about people
    • “oh this is your cousin celeste? the one who went to prom with that football player before taking a gap year to backpack through Asia and is now applying to schools for biology?”
    • “how did your quiz in (some random required course) go?”
    • “I convinced the barista to make you a pumpkin spice latte even though they’re out of season bc I know you love them”
  • so. touchy.
    • like when him and nursey finally get their shit together and date
    • u just know dex will constantly have his arm over nurseys shoulders 
    • or slung around his waist when they’re walking 
    • his legs stretched across nurseys lap when they’re sitting on the couch 
    • his head on nurseys chest while they watch movies in bed
  • he’s the little spoon 
a Scene
  •  so it’s a friday night after exams and smh is just. chillin
  • like they’re all hanging out in the haus on the Hazmat Couch™ (Bitty put a blanket over it first) and they’re just kinda piled on top of each other, watching brooklyn 99 and chatting
    • Bitty is on Ransom’s lap, Holster is on the floor with his head on Bitty’s lap (he’s too big he got kicked off)
    • Nursey is lying over everyone with, like, one leg behind Bitty’s back and his arm on lardo’s foot
    • his head is somewhere on Dex’s belly
    • Lardo is perched on top of the couch so she can look down at all of them
      • Dex is showing her memes
  • and then. Nursey just. passes the fuck out
  • it’s chill at first, he’s doing his Cool Sprawl™, there are arms and legs everywhere. he doesn’t snore or anything, people barely notice. he just kinda tilts his head back and starts sleeping
    • lardo snapchats him to Camilla with the caption ‘poor bab’
    • Dex memes a little quieter
  • he sleeps through like three whole episodes (the boy is Tired)
  • but then. oh boy. ooooohhh boy. man oh man. but then.
  • Holster says something to Ransom and Bitty that’s a little louder than they’ve been talking normally
    • probably he was chirping them for crying about brooklyn 99 tbh
  • Nursey wakes up
  • he does it super slowly. first his leg kinda twitches and then his shoulders tense up and then his eyes are fluttering open and he looks just kind of blurry and confused and angry. his jaw is set and his eyes are still droopy and there’s a wrinkle in his forehead
    • Dex has never witnessed him this out of it before
      • it’s fuckin adorable
      • he stops talking
  • the entire team looks over because lbr nothing shuts Dex up when he’s ranting about memes
  • Nursey blinks a few times, looks around slowly, and you can see on his face as he slowly realizes that he was, like, sleeping on Dex’s chest
  • he looks up at Dex, who’s looking down at him, and the wrinkle between his eyes smooths out, and he gives Dex this slow, unguarded grin and relaxes again
  • this is the moment the entirety of smh falls in love with Derek Malik Nurse
    • Lardo takes another picture because she Knows™ and is gonna need something to show at their wedding
4 am, the frogs all sharin chowders bed
  • chowder:in the sense of like friendship dynamic, i'm harry, nursey is ron ,and dex is hermione
  • nursey:ok but in terms of appearance, dex is obv ron, chow is still harry, and i'm hermione
  • dex:I am hermione though like I actually just am her
  • nursey:But like so am I! Maybe you're more like early hermione like books 1 to 3
  • chowder:ok if we're talking exclusively personality traits then

I know a lot of the time we write Dex as the one who panics about being gay or attracted to men, but consider:

  • gay conservatives are a Thing™ 
  • most of dex’ initial frustration with nursey is nursey assuming things about him that are wrong 

  • dex is under normal circumstances (aka when nursey isn’t chirping him) actually a calm individual 

  • he is of the “no bullshit” variety of person

  • he might not want to be out or open or talk about it with anyone, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he didn’t know or accept it before spotting nursey’s beautiful face and hair and butt

  • maybe he had ignorant opinions about being gay in society that he had internalized because of his family, but his time at Samwell has been Good and Educational and he is Happy

  • derek “fake chill” nurse is probably the one panicking about being attracted to giant ears.