dean appreciation week

day four - favourite feature


there was some pouting from Gabe re:not being allowed to sleep in Sam’s room, but Sammy had to get up bright and early for work so Dean had to do.

Sam is kinda surprised (to put it mildly) when the next morning Dean exits the bedroom with a sleep-mussed formerly-‘please don’t touch me’ fledgeling tucked comfortably in the crook of his arm, Gabriel having beaten the both of them to the kitchen. Cas isn’t magically 'better’ of course, but he starts opening up tiny bit by tiny bit.

Supernatural ABCs

A is for the Amulet, that Sam once gave to Dean.
B is for Bobby, who constantly saved them, often sight unseen.
C is for Castiel, who saved Dean from such a horrible Hell.
D is for Demons, who prefer topside as their place to dwell.
E is for Enochian, which makes everything funnier.
F is for the Four Horsemen, each one uglier
G is for Garth, their quirky new planner.
H is for Hellhounds, who maul you in quite the vicious manner.
I is for the Impala, the boy’s traveling home.
J is for the Journal, the know-it-all tome.
K is for the King of Hell, who we all know as Crowley.
L is for Lucifer, who possessed Sam quite foully.
M is for the Men of Letters, whose knowledge can beat even a witch.
N is for Naomi, who’s a total angelic bitch.
O is for Oz, to where Dorothy and Charlie ran away.
P is for Prophet, who may have just seen his very last day.
Q is for the Queen of Hell, that Abbadon yearns to be
R is for the Rock Salt, from which all manner of creature flee
S is for Samuel Colt, who designed a demon killing gun.
T is for the Trickster, whose time might not really be done.
U is for Uriel, whose black-winged death was really quite remarkable.
V is for Vampires, who never, ever, sparkle.
W is for the Winchesters, they’re legacies, you know.
X is for X-rays of Enochian etched ribs, to shield them from foes.
Y is for the Yellow-Eyed Demon, who wanted Sammy for his own.
Z is for Zachariah, whose plans for Sam and Dean were finally overthrown.