USA: BBC America Reveals ‘The Doctor’s Finest’ - The Essential Doctor Who Episodes  

As part of the run up to Season 9 of Doctor Who, premiering on September 19, BBC America is looking back at the best of the series’ modern era with a curated collection of handpicked episodes, including four starring David Tennant in the role of the Time Lord. Over six weeks, starting from Saturday 15th August, Hannah Hart will host The Doctor’s Finest: some of the most essential Doctor Who episodes complete with interviews and discussion. 

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The next few days and the upcoming week are going to be very stressful for me with moving into my new place plus working at the same time. I don’t know when exactly but I will losing my internet for a while, so I won’t be posting much, and I won’t be able to reply to asks or fan mail, so I will say it here thank you all very much for all your kind words and messages when I was in a bad place with my depression last night appreciate it very much. Anyway that is what is going on and in the meantime have a cute pic of David Tennant hugging. Love you all. tennydr10confidential aka Katie

I think funny is funny wherever you go. We all get hung up on this notion that, you know, Americans don’t do irony, or that Germans aren’t funny. It’s just not true, and I think the human experience is one that we can all recognise, and funny people reflect that back in a way that makes us all laugh. I think the world is much smaller than we like to pretend it is sometimes.
David Tennant plays Sir Walter Scott in Heart Of Midlothian on BBC Radio Four today

Today at 3pm David Tennant will voice the role of Sir Walter Scott as BBC Radio Four broadcasts the first of a third series of The Great Scott which features Sir Walter Scott’s plays.

Today the play is Heart Of Midlothian and the description is:
‘Heart Of Midlothian begins with a trial for child murder and then never lets the tension drop with disguises, thwarted love, hazardous journeys, kidnappings, rescues and a shy, retiring heroine who will stop at nothing to undo the terrible damage her virtue has done.’

Heart Of Midlothian is adapted by Mike Harris and is both produced and directed by Clive Brill.

Heart Of Midlothian can be heard worldwide at this link, plus we will post a MP3 afterwards too.

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