David Tennant filming his Doctor Who video diaries

…so this is mostly Doctor Who Confidential filming David filming his diary while filming episodes of Doctor Who

(this post is a mix of gifs and still photos)

One afternoon I recalled how Jon Pertwee’s Doctor used to dispatch foes with a neat line in kung fu. ‘Actually I think you’ll find it was Venusian aikido,’ he corrected, not entirely humorously.

Johnny Davis about David Tennant in The Observer, 2009 (x)

VIDEO: David Tennant Plays Simon In Noel Coward’s Hayfever 

There’s a rare chance to check out one of David Tennant’s earliest stage performances courtesy of the STV Archive with a short clip from 1992.

In the clip dating from 29th July 1992, a 21-year old David plays Simon in the Noel Coward classic Hayfever. Also appearing is Irene MacDougall in the role of Myra. The play was staged at the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh where David also performed in Shinda The Magic Ape (1991-2) and Merlin (1992).

Watch the clip here

VIDEO LINK: Watch David Tennant in Very Early Theatrical Role - Noel Cowards Hay Fever

VIDEO LINK: Watch David Tennant in Very Early Theatrical Role – Noel Cowards Hay Fever

DAVID TENNANT and IRENE MACDOUGALL – Noel Cowards Hay Fever – Theatre Production 1992

Scottish TV channel STV have tweeted a short clip of some very early footage of David Tennant in the 1992 theatre production of Noel Coward’s Hay Fever.

This production, directed by Hugh Hodgart was part of the Lyceum’s Summer of Comedy series, presented by arrangement with the Theatre of Comedy Limited and ran…

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