Honestly I think my favorite thing about DAO is the fact that, since Dog starts out at 100 approval, you can give his presents to the other companions for approval gains.

Warden: *hands Alistair a half-chewed bone*

Alistair: For me? That’s - wow, I mean. Wow!


Dragon Age - Zevran Expressions

Ive been working out how to mimic pencil with photoshop, and this is sorta the result of that. It’s not perfect yet, but Zevran’s face is always fun to draw anyway. I used a couple of Disney concept works as reference (mostly Flynn Rider, admittedly).

u know in inquisition how warden alistair mentions the warden was searching for the cure to the calling? now im picturing them like eating dinner together and she just fucking flips the table “THE DOG” “…WHY ARE WE SHOUTING WHAT DOG?” “THE DOG AT OSTAGAR?” “BARKSPAWN?” the dog hears his name and comes up “HE HAD THE TAINT” “he—wait what?” “HE HAD THE TAINT REMEMBER I CURED HIM?” “YOU CURED THE TAINT YEARS AGO AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ANYONE???” “I FORGOT. I WAS KIND OF BUSY”