Louis and Daniel gender bender (from Autophobia: https://tapastic.com/series/autophobia)

[Autophobia’s tumblr: @cityonfiree]

I really don’t know how to draw men yet, so this gender bender is my way of showing the love i have for this comic XD
They’re supposed to be shopping together, but since i can’t draw backgrounds either (yes i still don’t know how to draw a lot of things) we can only see Louis with a shirt on hands and Daniel testing a skirt ♥

(it’s just a simple sketch, hope it’s not messy)


Untitled by Noukka Signe 

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The Film Photography of Louis Dazy

Louis Dazy is a self-taught photographer who began dabbling in photography in 2014. Before trying his hand at photography, Dazy was a graphic designer. Initially working with digital photography, Dazy eventually made the switch to shooting primarily with film, as digital photography did not allow him to achieve what he wanted with his photos. Dazy frequently utilizes double-exposures, which allow him to tell multiple stories at once.  His photography instills a rawness into everyday life, while still invoking a sense of exploration. Dazy currently resides in Melbourne, Australia, although he is originally from Paris, France. For more of his work, also follow Louis Dazy on Instagram.

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