mine:dance moms

I think people can change for the worse and then get better

Kendall WAS a sweet kid when she first came on the show. She isn’t so much that kid anymore but that’s who she was naturally. The show/the fame/wrong friendship and a pushy stage mom can make you change for the worse. It doesn’t excuse any kind of nasty behavior at all BUT I do think she can realize someday especially with the right friends surrounding her that the person she’s been lately isn’t exactly who she wants to be and isn’t how she’d have naturally been had she been raised without this show in her life.

For now I’ll just wait and see. Maybe this is just how Kendall is now, but it’s possible to change. I’ve had friends turn bitchy around middle school and now I talk to them again…isn’t %100 the same but I can see they’ve changed and are better people than they use to be. I don’t think Kendall and Chloe will ever be exactly the same but can have a healthy friendship someday with work.