Territorial (Damian X Reader)

Requested: Yes

Prompt: 27. “Is that a threat?”
 28. “Keep your eyes on me.”

Summary: A night out turns sour.
Word Count: 600

“I’ll be right back, beloved,” Damian informed you as you took another drink. You acknowledged him with a smile and a nod as you swallowed.

“Alright, I’ll be right here,” you answered with a sly grin. You were starting to feel a buzz setting in. You watched him turn a disdainful look towards the crowd of dancers. He made his way through the club towards what you could only assume was the restroom.

Despite his hatred for the loud club scene, Damian agreed to join you for some dancing. You knew that he secretly only wanted to ensure that no one bothered you while you drank. He did his best to enjoy a night out with you instead of focusing on potential threats. It was a good way to get him to relax, especially once the two of you started dancing and moving with the music.  

“Hey there sweet thing,” a gruff sounding man called from your left. You tried to simply ignore him, as if he hadn’t spoken to you. You raised the glass to your lips and enjoyed the warmth of the alcohol. You leaned forward on the bar, pretending to be in your own world.

I said hello there, hot stuff,” he continued, claiming the empty bar stool beside you.

“Hello,” you replied politely, but shortly. You wanted to be clear that you weren’t interested in his advances.

“What’s a pretty think like you doin’ alone in a club?” he asked as a bartender approached. You frowned as he ordered a beer for himself and “somethin’ fruity for the babe” with a chuckle.

No, thank you,” you stopped the bartender before he could start mixing a drink. “I don’t want another drink,” you told him.

“Come on, sweet cheeks, I’m payin’, what’s the harm?” he grinned and you felt your skin crawl.

“I said no,” you answered firmly. You turned back to the bartender with a frustrated frown. The jerk didn’t take your not-so-subtle hint. He grabbed you by your upper arm and jerked your body to face him directly. You attempted to pull away in disgust, but his grip was firm.

“Hey! Let go of her!” you heard Damian’s furious voice boom through the club. You never felt a greater sense of relief than when you saw his tall form break through the barrier of people.

“Look pal, the lady and I were just talkin’,” he tried to brush it off, raising his hands in an innocent gesture.

“Like hell!” Damian roared, his eyes were nearly black with his anger. “If you so much as think about touching her again, I’ll break every bone in your body,” he sneered. “Pal,” he added with disdain. You couldn’t ignore the fact that Damian was intimidating whenever he wanted to be. It was really rather sexy, if you were being honest.

“Is that a threat?” the man stood, squaring up with Damian. He realized then that Damian was a solid 6 inches taller than he was.

“It’s a promise,” he replied menacingly. The man’s eyes darted around Damian’s frame and met your gaze again. “Hey, keep your eyes on me, asshole,” Damian shoved him roughly. He took the hint then, realizing that Damian was much stronger than he looked. The man turned tail and disappeared into the crowd. Damian took a deep calming breath before turning back to face you.

Are you alright, beloved?” he asked with the familiar tenderness in his voice you had grown used to. You curled your arms around his waist and smiled up at him.

“Let’s go home,” you answered with a sly smirk.

I Love Hating You (Damian X Reader)

Requested: Yes
Summary: Another heated argument with Damian leads to an admission of feelings.
Word Count: 861

Damian slammed the door of the Batmobile angrily. You couldn’t help but clench your jaw as you resisted the urge to lash out at him again. He was being a complete ass. You ripped your mask off and threw it on the table before you headed to the changing area.

“You are an insufferable fool!” you yelled as you walked away.

“Infuriating woman,” Damian cursed as he pulled off his own mask and collapsed in the chair next to Jason, who was searching intel on Black Mask.

“What was that about?” he asked. Damian just glared and shook his head.

“She’s reckless and she’s going to get us both killed,” he explained as he pulled off his gloves.

“Are you serious?” you demanded as you overheard the demeaning remark from the person meant to have your back. “I was doing just fine until you decided to butt in!” you argued before storming upstairs away from Damian before you lobbed a batarang at him.

“What happened?” Jason asked Damian, turning away from the monitor to give the teen boy his full attention.

“We were on patrol and came across a couple of muggers in an alley. She didn’t even stop and think before she jumped into the fight. They had knives and if I hadn’t ‘butted in’ she would’ve gotten herself hurt,” he explained as he started unlacing his boots. “Or worse,” he looked up at Jason, to see a sly grin spread across his brother’s face.

“You like her, don’t you?” he asked. Damian’s face turned red almost instantly, giving Jason his answer.

“Absolutely not! She is stubborn and dangerous!” he argued. “I could never be attractive to someone so…” he searched for a word. Jason burst out laughing.

“Damian, (Y/n) is a great crime fighter, and you know it,” he reasoned. “If she wasn’t, you wouldn’t go out with her on patrol every chance you get,” he added. Damian’s red face darkened. “How long? Jason asked.

“What?” Damian returned.

How long have you liked her?” Jason elaborated. Damian sighed. There was no point in denying it at this point. He knew if he did, Jason would simply pursue the topic until he got the answer he wanted.

Since she joined the team,” he admitted. “She’s talented and intuitive,” he confessed. Jason looked up to see you walking back into the cave, anger clear on your features as you decided to give Damian another piece of your mind. Jason caught your attention before you could open your mouth and motioned for you to be quiet and listen. You crossed your arms, but did as he asked.

“I couldn’t ask for a better partner, really. I just hate it when she jumps into fighting so quickly. What if one of those thugs had a gun tonight? I don’t know what I’d do if she got hurt,” Damian confessed with his head in his hands. You couldn’t help the smile that slipped onto your cheeks.

“But she wasn’t hurt, was she?” Jason countered. Damian nodded.

“No, she wasn’t. She is a brilliant fighter. I know she can handle herself alone,” he took a deep breath. “But I don’t want her to,” he looked to Jason. “I don’t want her to hate me,” he added softly. Your cheeks burned bright pink at the overheard confession. Damian actually liked you.

“So, why don’t you talk to her about it?”Jason asked.

“I’ve tried, Todd! It turns into an argument every damn time,” he growled. “She can be so hard headed,” he shook his head and ran a hand through his dark hair. “Why does she make me such a fool?” he asked. Jason chuckled.

It’s love, Little bird,” he answered. Your muscles went slack as you heard that word. Emotions rushed through your mind as you considered your emotions for him.

“I suppose it is,” Damian answered. Your heart began to race as he leaned back in his chair. “What do I do?”

“You should talk to her,” Jason advised him. He shook his head and sighed.

What would I even say?” he asked.

“You could start with an apology,” you offered as you stepped closer to the rail on the second floor walkway. Damian whipped around and looked up at you with shock in his blue eyes. He turned his glare to Jason, who took this as opportunity to run.

“Todd!” he yelled as he gave chase.

“ALFRED!” Jason called as he ran from the barefoot batboy. You couldn’t resist the laugh that bubbled up from your chest. You leaned on the metal rail and waited for the brothers to get closer. When they were running underneath you, you leapt over the edge and landed squarely on Damian’s back. He hit the floor with an ‘oof’. You leaned down and kissed his cheek gently.

“I don’t hate you, Damian,” you admitted before letting him up. His cheeks were pink and you were sure yours matched. Without warning, he moved forward and placed a firm kiss on your lips. The simple kiss made your heart tumble in your chest.

“I don’t hate you either, (Y/n),” he confessed to you with a shy smile.

OK so I’ve made some head canons about Raven buying Damian a puppy cause the scene was so cute.

  • Damian was sceptical at first and didn’t have time with the pup until Raven forced him into a room with the pup and used her powers so that he couldn’t escape, it took half an hour before Damian finally let the pup come near him and pet him.
  • Since then he is frequently seen with the pup and gets teased by the other Titans (especially Beastboy), over a few weeks the pup is always by his side.
  • The pup loves to give him attention and slobber his tongue over Damian’s face, at first he was disgusted but is soon won over by puppy eyes.
  • Speaking of puppy eyes Damian can’t stand them, he doesn’t hate them, he just knows that if the pup gives him puppy eyes he will give in.
  • Kori tells him that he needs to give the pup a name and suggests name from her home planet, but since no one can pounce them they decide to give him an Earth name. It takes hours until Damian comes up with ‘Titus’, they are impressed that he would know a Shakespeare play until they hear it’s the most violent.
  • Damian decides to train the pup to make the “best” dog ever, however during the sessions Nightwing see’s Damian playing with Titus and films it.
  • Beastboy take it upon himself to but the dog food, since he can shape-shift into a dog and pick the best type of food for Titus, Damian is impressed and surprised, he thanks Beastboy by buying him a chew toy (for his amusement but it backfires when Beastboy loves it)
  • Beastboy also helps wash the dog as Damian doesn’t like it when Titus shakes himself and gets water all over the floor and him, one day they put too much shampoo on him and they get covered in it which surprisingly ends up in a shampoo fight.
  • Raven buys Titus a collar, red with a gold name plate, Damian secretly loves it.
  • Titus is friendly with the Titans, besides Damian he gives Raven more love and affection. 
  • Titus is usually seen with either Damian, Raven or both. Beastboy teases this and calls them Titus’s parents.
  • Nightwing really loves dogs so he tries to get along with Titus like it does with Damian and Raven but fails, he ends up getting treats to bribe the dog. When Damian finds out he is not happy.
  • Titus curls up to Damian when they sit together, late at night Nightwing found Damian, Raven and Titus together with Damian and Raven on the couch leaning their heads together while Titus laid across their laps. They were all asleep and Nightwing sends a picture to Batman and Alfred.
  • Alfred now has a new phone wallpaper.
  • Titus sleeps in Damian’s room, when Damian is out late Titus stays in Raven’s room. 
  • Blue Beetle loves Titus and plays with him outside, the other Titans join in and it becomes a big game of fetch or hide and seek.
  • KRYPTO COMES. Damian is hesitant foe them to meet incase Krypto freezes Titus, but is relives when the two dogs get along.
  • Time for Titus to meet Batman, Batman stares at the dog happily wagging his tail and the tall man. Suddenly Batman crouches down and gently pets him, Titus then jumps on Batman and licks his face. All of them are surprised when Batman smiled at the dog (Nightwing secretly takes a picture and sends it to Alfred and Batgirl).
  • JASON ARRIVES and he becomes best friends with the dog, making Nightwing jealous and Damian angry.
  • Tim and Batgirl come together to visit and get along with Titus, Damian wants to get Titus angry every time Tim comes and is stopped by Raven.
  • If anyone hurts Titus Damian will go for the kill (obviously someone will stop him from actually killing) and Raven will heal Titus.
  • For Damian’s next birthday Nightwing and Jason are going to but him and Titus matching t-shirts. Beastboy has the same idea but for Damian and Raven.
  • Even as Titus continues to grow, Damian will always let him sleep on the his bed.
Kingdom Come Pt. 2 [Damian Wayne x Reader] AU

Tags: @batboysimagine @batfamily-imagines @tim-help @memento-scribet @saramdeuli @solis200213 @cait-writes-stuff @aworldwideapart

Pairing: Damian Wayne x Princess!Reader

Warnings: It’s coming….

Word Count: 902

Part 1 | Part 2



A giggle escaped [F/N]’s lips as she ran through the grove. Her hands held her dress up so she could run, but she wasn’t fit and grew tired quickly. Behind her, she could hear rapid footsteps following her.

“Princess!” she heard Damian’s voice echo through the rows of trees and she quickly hid behind one, hoping that she wouldn’t be seen. Soon, it grew quiet and [F/N] wondered if she had finally outsmarted Damian. She took a peek from behind the tree and saw absolutely no one, but when she turned back, she almost screamed when she saw Damian standing in front of her, a smug smirk stuck to his face.

“You’ve lost again, Princess.” he stated, pulling a very unladylike  whine out of [F/N]’s mouth.

“How unfair! You’re a trained knight,” she exclaimed, feigning hurt, “you should allow a lady such as I to win at least a few times.”

“If that was true, why would you insist on me not holding back?” Damian inquired, recognizing the playful glint in her eyes.

[F/N] pouted and walked past him, crossing her arms. “Do you really believe I was serious? You have no experience with women then.” She then giggled at Damian’s baffled face for he really didn’t expect her to say such words.

It was always like this for her, when she could escape her royal duties of course. Ever since Damian had become her personal guard, her life grew brighter. At first, the knight only performed his duties and nothing else, but after many (one-sided) conversations with him, [F/N] finally broke his tough shell. That was six years ago, and how time flies when she was with him.

He was her first friend, perhaps her only true friend. He knew her better than she knew herself, and when she needed saving from royal affairs he would do his best to save her.

Glancing up at the sky, a frown appeared on Damian’s face. “It is going to rain, we should go Princess–”

“I told you, Sir Damian, call me [F/N].” she huffed, but followed her friend back to where he left their stallion.

“I will call you by your name when you call me by my own.” Damian stated, helping her up onto the horse before mounting himself, sitting behind her.

[F/N] tried not to feel too bothered by having his arms around her as he took hold of the rein. She often felt flustered riding with him. When out of the castle alone with him, he never allowed her to ride her own horse, but having him so close to her–his arms beside her and her back pressed against his chest–it felt quite intimate.

“W-Well,” she began, ignoring the redness on her cheeks, “as your princess, I order you to use my name. Do not call me Princess, you know it bothers me…” she cleared her throat, “Damian.”

“See?” Damian smiled, “that wasn’t so hard, now was it… [F/N]?” The princess returned his smile and leaned back against his chest. Although it was faint, she could swear that his heart was beating incredibly fast, though it must be her imagination.

Little did she know, the young knight’s heart was beating rapidly, just like every other time he was so close with the princess.

Damian was a very skilled warrior. He could take down entire armies, maybe even cripple empires, but when it came to romance? He knew little to nothing. He had spent his entire life devoted to his training, to his duties and kingdom. He had no time for friends. Yet when it came time for him to do his duty, he fell hard for the princess the very first time he saw that breathtaking smile of hers.

He tried to keep it professional and just do his duty. He tried not to get attached, but [F/N] was persistent. Eventually, he had to give in. She claimed she had broken his walls then, but the truth was she tore them down the very first time they met.

Never before had he seen someone so caring, so gentle and compassionate. Whenever she went to the town, she always greeted everyone with kindness and gave food to the poor. She wouldn’t harm a fly, and while that may be seen as weak, to Damian, it was amazing. It was rare to find someone who saw the beauty in everything. She may be naive at times, and she had a lot to learn, but she had determination and strength.

“D-Damian…” [F/N]’s voice brought him back into the world. The young knight scolded himself for getting distracted–he wasn’t on high alert, like he should be. A group of bandits or assassins could’ve made their move and he wouldn’t be able to protect the princess.

“What is it?” Damian inquired, growing worried when he saw the fearful look in her eyes.

[F/N]’s eyes were trained on something in the distance. She raised her hand shakily and pointed into the distance. “Why is there smoke?”

Damian’s head snapped towards the direction she was pointing in and there was indeed thick, black smoke in the sky, blending in with the darkening sky. At first he was shocked and perplexed by where such amounts of smoke could have originated from, but it didn’t take him long to realize the answer.

“The castle…”