Ok so… I’m trying to “Self Teach” myself traditional animation, (Because I’m hella poor and can’t afford Art School). I wanted to practice and get a Ink / Color setup going, so I used one of Vivs super old gifs to practice on. I think it came out pretty ok.~ Original post is over here.. http://vivzportfolio.tumblr.com/post/41080432997/zoophobiacrazies-didnt-finish-this-one-but

And of course, Zoophobia and it’s characters, as well as the original sketch, belongs to vivziepop

Now that I kinda have a way of doing things, I’m going to start animating lil loops of my own characters. <3

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Raven meets Damian for the first time, and he tries to flirt. Dick getting really jealous too

“You have nice eyes.”

Raven looked over at Robin and blushed, blinking a little in surprise. He was staring at her with a very intense, somewhat inquisitive stare, as if he found something interesting about her, but he didn’t know how to articulate precisely what he was trying to say. It was a little disconcerting, but also a little endearing too. She gave a small smile and nodded. 

“Thank you… Damian, right?”

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I can’t believe this wasn’t cut, I love this. Spoken by a Legend.~