About Civil War...

I’m not mad at the Russo brothers (nor will I ever be) because what they did with Natasha’s character in CATWS will forever be my favorite thing in the entire mcu. I know that Natasha will be on Tony’s side in CW (from what we’ve seen) and I don’t know what their plans are or what is it that made her go to his side but I just wanna say that I trust them very much and I trust that they will be very true to her REAL character and when we see the movie it will make perfect sense for her to be on Tony side.

And for those romanogers shippers who are devastated that she’ll be going against cap… It is not that bad! Okay, just imagine if she does go to Tony’s side, we will probably get a scene like that one on the comic with just her explaining herself to Cap! I would be completely satisfied if we get just that scene exactly as it is tbh. And even if none of that happens, we’ve seen the set pics, they have great scenes together! More than one already! The Russo brothers are not going to screw up, whenever I see CATWS I know that they are going to do an incredible job! And I wouldn’t be surprised if CW came to be the greatest movie in the entire mcu!

That’s all I wanted to say.



Women of Star Wars Appreciation Week: Day 2- “You know, you two have more in common than you think.”

Paralells between Asajj Ventress and Ahsoka Tano- the disillusioned apprentices who are still searching for their place in the galaxy.

“You know, you two have more in common than you think

                                                                 …ɴo wonder you get along so well.”

                                                                  -Ahsoka Tano