This wide-eyed sweetheart is a Greater Coucal fledgling that managed to get stuck in the labyrinthine driveway of the housing complex we live in. Sean managed to spot it as we were heading out for dinner.

 The hot concrete and lack of hiding spots left him susceptible to the countless cats and dogs that frequent the area (the most immediate threat being Zeppelin, who was harassing one of the cats underneath a car just a few meters over). After watching the bird for a minute as it failed to grasp the concept of a glass door, I decided to intervene, and scooped the ball of feathers up. 
I was expecting angry bites upon doing so, but this was the most well mannered little cuckoo I’ve ever met–and I wasn’t given any pecks, bites, nor even angry screeching.

I moved ‘em into the tall, grassy, untamed field at the end of the long driveway–away from the major roads. I figured it was still close enough that parents could find it (assuming they’re the sort to help out).
These little fledglings have a pretty strong “burrow and hide” instinct, and that is exactly what this little bird did the moment I ‘em it go. Swept off to duck and cover in the tangled bushes. 

Good luck, little buddy! Please stay safe, away from the cats and the dogs!!