• Drunk Student: We call it Edward 40 Hands. Like Edward Scissor Hands except with, you know...40's.
  • Flack: Get outta here.
  • Drunk Student: No seriously, that's really what they call it!
  • Flack: No, no, no. Get outta my face. I never wanna see you again. Go.
  • Drunk Student: Whatever, bro!

As with all evil, some good will always come from it. It can bring us together with some of the most dedicated, honorable, kind-hearted people we could ever hope to meet. It can fill hearts with a love so strong that it will endure forever, and create unbreakable friendships, and will last even in the face of life’s most difficult challenges. 

FanFiction Wish List - 2/8/16

The fanfic well is getting pretty dry on a lot of my pairings so I thought I’d throw out a post with my “wish list” so that authors know there’s an audience for them.

So, in no particular order I would like fics from:

Phantom of the Opera - Christine/Eric (or Phantom) pairing
(Andrew Lloyd Webber musical stage/Love Never Dies compliant - not Kay, not Leroux, not the 20′s, 40′s, 60′s, 80′s or ‘04 movies - sorry, Gerard.)

CSI:NY - Stella/Mac or Stella/Mac fix-it

X-men Movieverse - Logan/Marie or Wolverine/Rogue

Blindspot - Weller/Jane

Pitch Black - Riddick/Fry or Riddick/Fry fix-it

Aliens - Ripley/Hicks or Ripley/Hicks fix-it

Buffy - (season 3, 4, or 5) Spike/Buffy (if Riley dies, I wouldn’t cry. Angel too for that matter. :-P )

The Last Ship - Tom Chandler/Rachel, Mike Slatterly/Rachel, or Tex&Rachel friendship (if what I’m seeing on IMDb is a clue and they kill off or get rid of my peeps, Season 3 will be dead to me! ::angry eyes::).

Sleepy Hollow - Ichabod/Abbie (and, hey, anything that kills off Katrina, Henry, Pandora, Betsy Ross, Moloch, Sophie Foster!, and/or Reyes, is A-ok with me. And while you’re at it, anything that resurrects Sheriff Corbin, brings back Frank Irving - sans family, gives us more George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, et al, and keeps Jenny kicking butt, would also be acceptable. Would LOVE someone to actually make better use of the whole Abbie goes back in time and meets Crane in his era than what we got in the show.)

Haven - fix-it (SaveDuke! could easily be done), Nathan/Audrey fix-it (none of this Paige nonsense).

Forever - show fix-it (eventual Henry/Jo pairing or actual Henry/Jo pairing. I also like Abe&Jo friendship).

Let’s start with these. I’m sure I have a bunch more but it’s getting late and my mind is mush (plus I got distracted by this totally awesome Forever case fic that married itself to the sex-pollen trope and still managed to feel like an actual episode - or part of one, anyway. Easier Done Than Said is what it was called, by idelthoughts over on AO3).