I’m takin CSET which is a standardized test that peeps have to take to be a teacher. Before I studied, I took a practice test and I got 25/39 for one of the subtests. I’ve been studying for 2 weeks and just took 2 more practice tests and still scored 25/39…. Umm ya… So please send me good vibes because I’m determined to pass this test on the first try….., ayyyyyy dios mio

húgommal csetelek fészen
  • én: na, most akkor melyik legyen? martin vagy markos?
  • húgom: melyik tetszik a legjobban?
  • én: hmm, martin magasabb, feleloségteljesebb... de markos viccesebb, meg izgalmasabb
  • húgom: hát akkor ..............hatásszunet.......... mind2!

I’m studying for my CSET French exams all this month, so if anyone has any French film or show recommendations (preferably Francophone films or not well-known films that you can find on google/netflix), send them my way. I’m already covered for novels that I bought while in Pau and linguistics/bilingualism books, and I have some buddies I can practice chatting with.