[Image Title: So Pretty.

Panel 1: A crowd staring at a young girl in a wheelchair. The girl asks “Mama, why are these people staring?” to which the mother responds “Well… you’re just SO beautiful they have to look!”

Panel 2: The little girl is staring at herself in the mirror with big shining eyes, thinking to herself “My gosh she’s right! I’m GORGEOUS!”

Panel 3: That little girl is all grown up. She’s in a coffee shop, and notices a man staring at her from another table. The woman in the wheelchair says to the man “Sir please, I know you can’t help yourself, because I’m even more stunning than Venus herself, but you’re making a fool of yourself. Look away.”

Panel 4: The man looks at her with an unimpressed expression, and replies “Actually, I was just curious about the chair… but whatever.” The woman in the wheelchair sighs and says “As if!”]

Mama always said we’re beautiful, but our chairs are real show stoppers! 


What: I have a goal to make an episode of Sexplanations using only (or mostly) puns.

Who: Since I don’t speak pun very well, this is a crowd-sourced effort – anyone who wants to can participate.

How: Submit your puns to sexplanationsPA@gmail.com with the heading SEXPUNATIONS. Make sure to include what name you’d like to be given credit or if you’d prefer to be anonymous.

Eg. You may be a cunning linguist, but I’m a master debater. Credit: Austin Powers

**Please note that in order to make the episode coherent some of the puns will be adjusted to make the lines more cohesive. 

A Face In The Crowd

One of my favorite photos as I could stare at the different people and expressions endlessly. I wanted to make an insightful and poignant comment about ancient cultures and their relationship with history. But my only observation is how I managed to take a crowd portrait in the dark of the night without a single person having their eyes closed. — Dattatreya Temple, Bhakatpur, Nepal.


“There is a size at which dignity begins,“ he exclaimed; "further on there is a size at which grandeur begins; further on there is a size at which solemnity begins; further on, a size at which awfulness begins; further on, a size at which ghastliness begins. That size faintly approaches the size of the stellar universe. So am I not right in saying that those minds who exert their imaginative powers to bury themselves in the depths of that universe merely strain their faculties to gain a new horror?”
Thomas Hardy, Two on a Tower

anti-kihyun  asked:

do u know anything about concert accessibility for asd? i know there's accessible seating for ppl w mobility issues but idk abt asd. last time i went to a standing concert i had a sensory shutdown before it even started and had to be carried out. the noise i can use ear plugs for, but being surrounding by so many people is my main concern. is it possible to be placed somewhere away from the crowd but still be able to see? does the ada come into this? i have official dx if that helps. thanks!

I’m not sure what accommodations are available for autistic concert goers.

Followers, does anyone know what options are available here?