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what have i becøme

[Image Title: So Pretty.

Panel 1: A crowd staring at a young girl in a wheelchair. The girl asks “Mama, why are these people staring?” to which the mother responds “Well… you’re just SO beautiful they have to look!”

Panel 2: The little girl is staring at herself in the mirror with big shining eyes, thinking to herself “My gosh she’s right! I’m GORGEOUS!”

Panel 3: That little girl is all grown up. She’s in a coffee shop, and notices a man staring at her from another table. The woman in the wheelchair says to the man “Sir please, I know you can’t help yourself, because I’m even more stunning than Venus herself, but you’re making a fool of yourself. Look away.”

Panel 4: The man looks at her with an unimpressed expression, and replies “Actually, I was just curious about the chair… but whatever.” The woman in the wheelchair sighs and says “As if!”]

Mama always said we’re beautiful, but our chairs are real show stoppers! 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm planning on going to the march on Washington tomorrow, and while I'm really looking forward to going, my mom told me that we'll pretty much be surrounded by people from the moment we get on the bus to get into DC (probably around 7am) until we leave (she said even though it ends at 5pm, it's possible that we might not be able to get on a bus until around 10pm bc of how many people are there). I was just wondering if you had any tips to prevent sensory overload? I'm not comfortable (1/2)

(2/2) wearing earplugs/headphones in public and I won’t be able to leave if I get overwhelmed. I’m just a bit worried because if I start to have a meltdown/shutdown I’ll feel like I need to collapse and that won’t be good when I’m surrounded by people and have to walk a long way. It would be super great if you could answer today but I 100% understand if you can’t and that’s totally fine. Tysm!! :D             

Could you wear music headphones? Or pass noise cancelling headphones as music headphones? I would recommend doing that if you could (I was assuming by headphones you meant noise cancelling ones).

As for trying not to become overloaded, I would suggest wearing comfortable / soft clothes, and if you can’t stand people’s skin on yours ( I have this problem), make sure you cover your skin up.

Also, you could bring smaller stim toys with you (that you could play with in your pocket, so you don’t lose them in the crowd / if you’re uncomfortable). If you’re into pressure stims, maybe wear a jacket or a vest that gives you some pressure.

I would also recommend making sure you have enough food and water while you’re there, since you will be there for a long time. I would bring a water bottle at least, and a small snack (or buy one if you can). A lot of times you can become more prone to meltdowns when you’re hungry/thirsty.

Lastly, if you can, try to take a break every once in a while (even if it’s just sitting down and you can’t escape the noise, you could try resting your legs).

~Mod Xan~

I don’t know what his vertedness is, but I have a ton of respect and admiration for the quiet half of Penn and Teller. I love the idea that you can make a 40 year stage performance career out of being quiet. Also, he stayed out after the show and took selfies with every person that wanted one. I hate crowds, but I bustled through a swirling mass of people to make sure I got a photo opportunity.

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bros being brøs

Young Kakashi and Obito + Crowds
  • Obito: *loses kakashi in the crowd*
  • Obito: *shouting* "It's fine to break the rules to save a comerade!"
  • Kakashi: (From the playground) "The mission has priority!"
  • Obito: There he is.
  • ------------------------------------------------------
  • Kakashi: *loses Obito in the crowd*
  • Kakashi: He'll find his way home.
  • Obito: "Sorry I'm late, this old lad-"
  • Kakashi: "Yeah, yeah, whatever. You're still late."
  • Kakashi: I wish he'd stayed lost, why am I stuck with him?!