what have i becøme

[Image Title: So Pretty.

Panel 1: A crowd staring at a young girl in a wheelchair. The girl asks “Mama, why are these people staring?” to which the mother responds “Well… you’re just SO beautiful they have to look!”

Panel 2: The little girl is staring at herself in the mirror with big shining eyes, thinking to herself “My gosh she’s right! I’m GORGEOUS!”

Panel 3: That little girl is all grown up. She’s in a coffee shop, and notices a man staring at her from another table. The woman in the wheelchair says to the man “Sir please, I know you can’t help yourself, because I’m even more stunning than Venus herself, but you’re making a fool of yourself. Look away.”

Panel 4: The man looks at her with an unimpressed expression, and replies “Actually, I was just curious about the chair… but whatever.” The woman in the wheelchair sighs and says “As if!”]

Mama always said we’re beautiful, but our chairs are real show stoppers!