KickThePJ’s Tiny Monster Collection #12

Cloud Guy Who Wants to Cry is also part of the Lost Creatures race. He was separated from his friends in the CloudRunner Kingdom and couldn’t stop drifting into space. The power he grants upon touch is the ability to make someone start sweating profusely on sight, the ultimate move in self-defence. 

Cloud Guy Who Wants to Cry is featured in the film PlanetKid which can be watched here!

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Warm up doodle for today.

A funny little critter from an old PC game series I use to play for hours called Creatures (I only had Creatures 2 tho). Super fun sims game where you would raise, teach, and explore a terrarium-like world with these goblin/monkey creatures called Norns. Mine were really dumb and always found ways to accidentally drown themselves.

Wish I could find my disc :(  I would love to play it again.

janesbyond  asked:

Will your tiny monster collection become like a generation of Pokemon that can be trained virtually and cherished in the form of trading cards or is that just my wishful thinking?

THAT’S AN AMAZING IDEA! I don’t think I have the resources to create trading cards (as much as I would freakin’ love to), but I’ll keep the tiny monster collection going online until I figure out what I do want to do with it.