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Language of Flowers
All of these were posted separately throughout this year before summer, but I kind of wanted to have them altogether in one post, sorry to those who already seen them! :) These illustrations were part of my bachelor’s project. In place of my signature was the project’s logo, typography was slightly different in spacing in presented pieces.

Individual posts:

Newt Scamander Theory

okay no this isn’t some complicated theory but my mom was making sorta rude comments about how Newt always sort of hunches away and cowers/twitches at things in the movie, and she was basically saying other things about Eddie Redmayne just sort of does that… BUT THEN my brother chimed in and made us rethink because he said how Newt is typically a rather shy and socially awkward person (sorta) and isn’t really an extrovert. He went on to say how he noticed in the film that when Newt enters his case you can literally see and hear and feel just how much he opens up and is so much more sociable and free inside the case. When he’s with his creatures and in his own world he’s truly free. just a cute little thingy we noticed. (side note) hOw freaking cute was it (and terribly sad) when Newt was being arrested and literally begging and pleading for the ministry to not hurt or even touch his creatures?? like wow????? MY HEART. this man is being arrested and is in heaps load of trouble and isn’t even denying anything or pleading for himself he’s literally so worried about his babies and they’re so important and prioritized.

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Power Animal: The Bee

✯ Reputation of the bee…

Bees are hard working creatures that work in large groups with other Bees. They are explorers, searching far and wide for pollen to supply their hives, themselves, & us!  Bees are also tactical creatures, we can see this through the amazing geometric patterns of their hives & the fact that they know which plats & flowers will provide pollen. Bees are selfless, providing us with over a third of the worlds food products through this pollinating process, but generally don’t receive the credit they so completely deserve.

✯ Bee Symbolism…

The Bee symbolizes community, personal power, co-excistance, fertility, peace, & harmony.  The Ancient Druids recognized the Bee as symbolizing the Sun, the Goddess, celebration, & community. Honeyed Mead was often drunk at celebrations & festivals.  Amoung these things, an increase of a Bees presence in your life can symbolize productivivty, either too little or too much. Bees have a hard work ethic but also remind us to stop and take in the sweet nectar of life now & again, Bees encourage us to do both, & find the balance within the two. Being stung by a Bee can represent a wake-up call to something you have been avoiding or putting off for awhile.

✯ Honey Bee, Bumble Bee or Wasp?

This post is in reference to Honey Bees, although Bumble bees share the same symbolism. Honey Bees have a smaller narrow body & are lighter in colour. Bumble Bees have a fatter body with darker black stripes & a darker orangey-yellow colour, & bigger wings. Wasps & Hornets look quite different from both Honey Bees & Bumble Bees with a very narrow body, narrow down-set wings, & dark colours

✯ Is the Bee your power Animal?

Those with the Bee as their power animal are generally focussed, hard working folk, who enjoy working with others. They are busy bodies who enjoy travelling & actively seek out new destinations, & hobbies. Such people are also known as the ‘emotional adhesive’ for their group of friends and/or family, being a person you can rely on.