…but see in a perfect world
you’d pull me in by my waist
and kiss me like you didn’t need air
allowing your mouth to explore my skin
as if with each press of your lips
you were reliving your most favorite memory.

our fingers would intertwine
just as though
they were shaped so perfectly
to fit into each other’s crevices—
yes, you’d fill in
the missing parts of me.

you’d read all my love letters
to you and the countless poems
describing the way your touch
made me feel like I was ill
with a pounding heart and
sweaty palms.

I’ve learned the hard way
through death
through sacrifice
through a broken heart
that this world is in fact
the farthest thing from perfect.

it’s cruel and it’s shameless
in the way I’m forced to watch
her tug on your shirt
and kiss your cheek
because everything I’ve ever wanted
is right there in the palm of her hands.

—  you’ll never love me the way I love you
The Disconnect
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The Disconnect // Counterparts

All of our lives we’ve been told what to believe. “Nothing is perfect” so what’s the point of purpose?

What bothers me is when I say, ‘I can stand’ and my would-be helper stares at me with shocked disbelief. What, a person in a wheelchair who can stand? Can’t be! Sometimes I’m tempted to stand up, throw my arms open wide, and yell, 'It’s a miracle! I’m cured!’ OK, I’ll refrain.

Not only can I stand, but I can walk some. Just not terribly far. For five minutes or so, I can walk like a normal person and fool everyone. After that, my left leg starts to drag and gets weak. Time to use my cane. At this point, I can still get around some. In fact, on my good days, I sometimes walk around on the shorter trails in our county, like Old Dillon Reservoir or Sapphire Point. I move slowly and my leg drags, but I can get around for a little bit.

However, the amount of time I can walk is limited, and it’s only on good days. With multiple sclerosis, my health and functioning can vary widely. There are good days and bad days. Also, I have trouble thinking and walking at the same time. This can be bad while shopping. I wind up blowing my budget, so I generally use my wheelchair.

Thinking that everyone in a wheelchair is paraplegic leads to the thinking that you have to be paraplegic to use a wheelchair. There is one able-bodied person who has seen me walking, looking normal for a full five minutes, and has decided that there can’t be anything wrong with me. She hasn’t spoken to me for the last nine months because I was once unable to walk a half-a -mile to do an errand. I didn’t have my wheelchair with me and it wasn’t a choice that day. I guess she thinks I was faking it and just trying to get out of the errand. This 'all or nothing’ thinking, either you must be paraplegic or you must be fine, can cause a lot of problems.

This is the kind of thinking that prevents some people I know with MS from using a wheelchair for activities in which it would be beneficial. They decide that as long as they have any ability to walk, for however short amount of time, they will never use a wheelchair. They are afraid people will see them as more disabled than they are.

They are afraid people will look at them with pity. They’re afraid people will think they’re 'faking it’ if they use a wheelchair when they can walk a small amount.

So many opportunities are lost then. If I would have been afraid to use a wheelchair, I would have missed out on shopping with my daughter for her prom dress. I wouldn’t have missed that for the world.


Sandy Lahman, Disability 101: Not everyone who uses a wheelchair is paraplegic

An Overpacker's Guide to Packing for the DCP

How many of y'all are worried about what to pack? Yeah. It’s my second time around and I still wasn’t exactly sure how much stuff to bring. Not that I was worried I wouldn’t pack enough stuff. Quite to opposite my friends. I am an overpacker to the extreme. During my first program I brought all kinds of stuff. 4 bins full, a plastic drawer set full of clothes, a corkboad…Mickey Mouse, you name it, I probably had it. I like to use the excuse that It’s because I like to feel prepared, but who knows why I felt the need to bring so much! This time…I’m still bringing a lot of stuff but its about ½ of what I brought back in 2013! 

Highlights/Things you might not think to bring:

  • Sheets/pillows/bedding
  • Shower curtain/bathmat
  • Towels/Laundry Bin/bag
  • hangers
  • Cleaning Products/Laundry Soap
  • Bathing Suit
  • Small appliances; Toaster/Blender/Waffle Iron?Coffee Machine (Microwaves are provided!)
  • Power Strip
  • Ethernet cable/wireless router (Required to access internet)
  • Disney Trading Pins/Vinylmantions
  • Laptop/tablet

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1. Over the course of a day, and many, many thoughts, somehow every single thing leads back to her.

2. Your family and friends have heard endless stories, but somehow you still have more. You just won’t shut up about her. I mean after all, just saying her name makes you smile.

3. As you lie in bed at night, you think about her— her fingers tracing your skin, playing with your hair, whispering in your ear. It’s not all about sex; it’s about presence.

4. No matter how hard you try to resist it, you see her in everyone. All of a sudden the girl online has her hair or the way the girl who sits behind you in class laughs makes you think of the way her mouth, always so slowly, forms into a smile— no teeth, all grin— but her eyes light up quicker than ever.

5. As your pen touches the paper, the only thoughts in your mind are about how when she smiles at you, it’s springtime and flowers are blooming in your chest and you’re so alive.

—  5 reasons you’re probably falling in love

Honestly I love drawing CreepyPasta/Slenderverse but the fandom sickens me. Some so called “fans” of our characters think they can do whatever they want with OUR characters. No you can’t. Do not use freedom of speech or freedom of expression as an excuse because really; its not. You are taking someone else’s character without their permission and doing what you want with them. That isn’t okay. You can show your appreciation in a different way. You don’t have to misuse our hard work. Plus,I know I have ocxcanon in my gallery but if the creator of the show/game ever said they felt uncomfortable I would take it down and apologize for being disrespectful. It’s just idiots think they can run around with someone else’s creation even though the creator/artist has said it multiple times not to; making them feel miserable that their voice isn’t being heard. don’t you fucking dare say they should feel flattered. it’s like saying we should feel flattered for getting cat calls from random creepy guys from the street. Its the same fucking feeling we artist get when our character gets misused. We view our characters as our children, our creation, our muse. Don’t disrespect the artist or creators wishes; please.