This one hits ya right in the feels!! Auggie/Annie shippers must watch!!

Credit Bumcrackmosh182

Who else is going to riot for walkerson?
How many times do the Covert Affairs writers have to do this to us? Why do they have to make it seem like season 5 would have Annie and Auggie back together and then tell us that Annie is going to have a spark with an ex-navy millionaire that will last ALL SEASON. WHY??? If they wanted to give a spoiler that every one would talk about then they should of told us about an Annie and Auggie reunion or something, not break our shipper hearts… I agree with everyone when they say “Walkerson or we riot”. I will riot too if they aren’t together! So THANK YOU to the Covert Affairs writers who have successfully played with my emotions, AGAIN…  (Sorry for this long complaint…)

Music video based the epicness and the canon of Auggie and Annie