I pray that you have people you can be broken and whole with. I pray that you have warriors fighting for and with you in this battlefield of life. I pray that you’d reach out when it’s dark inside and let us be lights that guide you home. I pray that you’d see that we all need a helping hand, a loving friend, a faithful presence – someone to remind us that there is hope, there is freedom – there is beauty in this world. I pray that you’d know in your mind and feel in your heart that you are deserving of such a community.

You are not alone.
We are for you.
We are with you.
We see you.
We love you.
We need you.

In your joy and in your agony we stand by your side. We won’t leave. We won’t judge. We will love you in the process of healing. We will believe when you can’t. We will remind you how to breathe. We will carry you in your weakness and celebrate you in your strength. We won’t let go of you. We will stay. We will wait. We will crawl with you, walk with you, run with you – we will be there. We will love you.


Because we belong to one another. 

We all have our wounds. We all have scars that ache at times. We all have things we are ashamed of. We are all broken and beautiful. We all matter. We all have stories worth knowing.

My dear friend, we are here for you. I pray that in the valley you hear our voices calling out to you. Hear our footsteps as we race towards you. Hear the truth of our love and know that no matter how dark things get you aren’t alone. Love, you are never alone. We care. We are here. We love you. We hurt when you hurt. We are shielding you. We are hugging you. We are praying for you. We are speaking life into the dead parts.

We are with you in the chaos, and we are not afraid. You aren’t too much or too little for us. We need you just as much as you need us. You are not a burden. You are and have always been a blessing.

You are loved.
You are seen.
You are needed.
You are irreplaceable.

Your voice matters.
Your heart matters.
Your pain matters.
You always matter.

—  Dele Olanubi
Want to be featured in a photo?

All day tomorrow (July 4, 2015) I will be in Coney Island, Brooklyn, NYC doing various things on the boardwalk. Most importantly, I’m shooting the hotdog eating contest. That should end around 1 or 1:30 and after that, I plan to shoot some new material. I WOULD LOVE YOUR HELP THOUGH

Talking to strangers can be so tough! Taking these photos and trying to hold the hotdogs myself can also be very tough! It would be awesome if a hotdog fan or two wanted to come out and help a girl out.

Please send me a message or an email if you’d like to hang out and hold some hotdogs in front of weird stuff for me. I’ll pay you in a few hotdogs from Nathan’s & some stickers. I’ll have on a black hat with hotdogs all over it, & likely matching hotdog sunglasses. Hope to see you there hotdog fans. <3