I was rereading crown of midnight and I don’t know what Celaena realizes here:

“It all had to be tied together: the king, the magic, Dorian’s power, the Wyrdmarkps, even the creature. The prince went to his bed and hoisted up the mattress, pulling out a concealed book. Not the best hiding place, but a valiant effort. “I’ve been looking through the genealogy charts for Adarlan’s noble families. We’ve hardly had any magic-users in the past few generations.” 

There were so many things she could tell him, but if she did, it would just result in too many questions. So Celaena merely studied the pages he displayed for her, flipping through one after another. 

“Wait,” she said. The puncture wound in her shoulder gave a burst of pain when she lifted her hand to the book. She scanned the page he’d stopped on, her heart pounding as another clue about the king and his plans slipped into place. She let him continue on. 

what does she realize?? what clue about the king and his plans does she figure out? what would be in a genealogy chart for Adarlan’s noble families??? i feel like i’m maybe missing something obvious? 

So With EoS Coming Out Soon

I wanted to remind everyone that the chat for the SJ Maas Fandom still exists and will be up and running and will be monitored for spoilers. In fact, I’ve actually added a channel specifically for EoS spoilers and if I see spoilers outside of that channel, you get one warning before I decide whether or not to boot you. The app this is through is free and available in your internet browser, but can also be found in the app store and as a download for you pc (I’m unsure about downloading for apple computers however). 

If you’re having trouble signing up (if you’re new) and accessing the chat room, just message me and I’ll see about getting it fixed if possible. 

So just a reminder that a spoiler free zone exists here: https://discord.gg/013Vpd9gvTc4SxNng

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I’ll tag pals to answer my own 11 questions, and then I answer the ones that I got asked! 

@eclaireclark, @dolleyrnadison, @little-enchantment, @pillowdog, @gayangrybread, @theamazinggirlwhoisntonfire, @rorzeebubbles, and @ewbpd, I ask you;

1) What is your favorite time of the day?

2) What would you do if a fairy gave you 3 wishes?

3) What’s a good movie to watch if you’re sad? 

4) If you could only hear one sound for forever, what would you want it to be?

5) What’s the nicest thing someone’s ever said to you?

6) Why’d you get a tumblr?

7) What’s one thing in your room that you love?

8) What tropes are your favorite?

9) If you could live in any animated movie, which one would you pick?

10) What is a song that reminds you of yourself?

11) What kind of habits do your friends have that make you happy?

It’s completely okay if you choose not to do this! I love you all, and I’ll love you ask game or not! 

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I might be the only one who thinks this but I’ve always imagined Sorscha to be Native American… idk she seemed to have that way about her that reminds me of the culture. And I feel like she doesn’t get enough attention… I myself am a native american and she always reminded me of myself haha

Half hour till the Game starts!

So tonight is a two parter going in no order of book but it is between ToG and CoM!

So who’s ready for some fun trivia?!

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