YA Characters’ Attitudes Towards Pokemon Go - Throne of Glass Edition
  • *super into the game* *will actually murder for a rare pokemon*:AELIN ASHRYVER GALATHINIUS, AEDION ASHRYVER, Asterin Blackbeak, Lysandra, NESRYN FALIQ
  • *casual player* *just likes to play for fun*:Dorian Havilliard, Elide Lochan
  • *pretends to be too cool to play* *plays whenever they're alone and actually enjoys it*:Manon Blackbeak, Chaol Westfall
  • *scoffs at players* *thinks Pokemon Go is the end of all that is good in humanity*:Rowan Whitethorn
Of course, as fate would have it, her cousin wound up becoming Aedion Ashryver, his father’s prodigy general and fiercest warrior in the north. He’d met Aedion a few times over the years, and at each encounter with the haughty young general, Dorian got the distinct impression that Aedion wanted to kill him.

Crown of Midnight, pg 177

The first mention and introduction of Aedion Ashryver


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My aesthetic is not being able to take revenge on the destroyer of your family and so you take every subtle petty moment you can Aedion Ashryver tripping Dorian Havilliard into a bush of thorns while the guards are distracted, all while continuing to hum a tune and surveying the gardens

Done?“ Choal asked. "I told you not to eat before we left.” “Are you done being smug?” “Are you done vomiting your guts up?” “For the time being,” she snapped. “Perhaps I won’t be so courteous next time, and I’ll just vomit all over you instead.” “If you can catch me,” he said with a half smile.
—  Choal Westfall and Celaena Sardothien,
Throne of glass - SJM

Throne of Glass Series Game Nights! 

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