“Let’s begin.”

Duva says this when she is about to put the ring on Yrene’s finger and turn her into a Valg.

Maeve says this at the end of the last chapter to Aelin.

I’m not saying that Maeve is going to turn Aelin Valg, but that’s exactly what I’m saying.

Me trying to explain to Chaol that every time he hears devastating news from the North that everything actually turns out okay

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Vs. Me when Chaol’s all happy and believes everybody made it back to Terrasen

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*Aelin walking in to see Aedion with a full length wall mirror in his lap*: What are you doing?

Aedion: I’m plucking my eyebrows

Aelin: That’s a big ass mirror

Aedion: I have big ass eyebrows!

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ToG Concept

5/?: Lysandra and Aedion raising Evangeline together and teaching her how to defend herself. Both of them being super protective when she gets her first boyfriend but Aedion isn’t the one who has to scare the boy – Lysandra in her snow leopard form does that all by herself. 

Dating Dorian would include…

- Him being the most supportive and him being your biggest fan

- And him always telling you how lucky he is

- Or how you’re everything he’s ever dreamed of

- You two would love to read together

- And you will snuggle up together at night

- Dorian absentmindedly dropping kisses onto your forehead

- And the only sound in the room would be the sound of turning pages

- But Dorian would also love to read to you

- And that moment is when you feel the safest

- You both love showering the other with gifs

- Because you’re his queen and he’s your king, and it’s one way of showing your love

- But your favourite gifs from each other would be the ones that didn’t cost as much, like buying new books for each other or spotting something you’d think they’d like

- And Dorian would be an amazing gift giver, and always know exactly what to get you

- And seeing your face light up is his favourite thing

- (And often leads to many, many kisses)

- In bed, Dorian loves to tease you and see you squirm

- He’ll talk to you, and tell you exactly what he’s going to do to you

- Which often leaves you breathless, and making you want him more

- His biggest turn on is you being in control

- And he loves it when you take charge in the bedroom

- Afterwards, he’ll pull you in tight against him, your head on his chest, and whisper to you how much he loves you

- And the two of you are perfectly happy for the rest of your lives

- Because there’s no one else you’d want to share that life with

Rowaelin (sorry not sorry)

“I’m sorry,” he croaked out, holding her icy hand in his, eyes closed as tears formed behind them. “I’m sorry Fireheart. I’m sorry, for hating you, for not seeing how broken you were. I’m sorry I couldn’t see how much you needed a light.” Nothing happened. He had never once apologized to her when she was with him… He was trying now, in case his sorrow could reach her and being her back. But there was no sudden jerk of her fingers or beating of her heart. He doubted she could even hear his words, but he needed to try, for her, his mate who never- would never- have enough time to love. “I’m sorry I never realised, that you were my mate. I’m sorry I never noticed. I’m sorry that I couldn’t save you. That you had to be strong all over again and I wasn’t there. I’m sorry Fireheart, I’m so, so, sorry.” And still, nothing changed. “I miss you. Every day I miss you. Like a knife is piercing into my heart, twisting into it and slowly killing me. I miss your smile, your eyes, your voice. I miss your body against mine. I miss your scent.” Nothing was changing, she wasn’t returning to him and his voice cracked as the tears streamed down his cheeks. “I miss kissing you, because we never did that enough. I miss every moment I didn’t take time to savour. I miss every night, when we would lie there, just you and me, and even, just for a second, we were infinite.” The sound of blades being sharped filled his ears, men and woman shouting at one another to be ready, horses being shoed and armor tightened. But not the sound of her heartbeat. Of either of their heartbeats. “I should’ve reached you sooner. I should’ve loved you harder. I should’ve noticed.” His eyes flickered briefly to the small swell of her stomach. “I should’ve found you,” he choked out, gripping her hand harder. It was so, so cold, no fire burning underneath her skin. He wanted to kiss her, as if it might bring her back to him, but he felt, as if kissing her might steal the last breath lying buried and dormant in her body and he couldn’t bring himself to take it. “It should’ve been me. Gods know I deserve it after everything I’ve done.” His whole body shook as he prayed, and prayed for his Fireheart to come back to him. Prayers weren’t working. Not even Mala was listening to his pleas. Not even the Gods, could give him his Fireheart because they wanted their freedom more than his joy. “I can’t do this,” he whispered unsteadily. “I can’t be alone again…” Footsteps came closer to the tent.
“Rowan,” Aedion called, brushing back the tent flaps. “Everyone’s ready,” he sighed, taking in the sight of his cousin who lay, dead, on the bed roll. They were too late. All of them to late, and too stupid to notice what she had done to save them, and they were almost saved, almost… Rowan, did not feel as if he had been saved.
“I need time,” Rowan muttered, trying to make his voice even. He didn’t just need time, he needed a miracle. He needed his Fireheart- His mate.
“Five minutes. It’s all we have.” Rowan nodded and Aedion left. He looked once more at his Fireheart, who was lifeless and without her flames. 
“I miss you,” he croaked. “I miss the future we could’ve had, the life, the family.” Once more, his eyes flickered too the bump on her stomach. She’d been with child, and now his Fireheart, and his child, were dead, and he was living his worst nightmare all over again. “Come back to me,” he pleaded, the tears dripping off his cheeks and onto the hand he still clutched in wild desperation. “Please. I’ll do anything, just come home.” But she didn’t, and the five minutes were soon over and he had to leave the tent. He had to leave his Fireheart once more. When he came back, he too, would be dead. He knew it, the way you knew certain things. To get to Erawan, he would die in the process, and it would make him happy. If the Gods could not grant him his joy, he would fight his way through every hell for it.

He’d be with his Fireheart once more.

And Lysandra and Aedion could rule Terrasen, rule it in the ways Aelin would’ve wanted. 

And he’d be happy, to be dead and with his Fireheart. 

So he walked onto that battlefield, chin high and with an army behind him. And he fought- he was always savage when he fought and anger made him worse. People would speak of the way he fought, long after he was buried, as if a fire had burned inside of him and shielded him until he was walking towards Erawan and swinging his sword. And maybe, Aelin’s fire had burned within him, and protected him, and sheltered him in the love she couldn’t give him when they were separated by heaven and hell. 

He killed his way to Erawan and then he killed Erawan and himself.

But he saved everyone.

And he died. 

And he was happy, because his Fireheart was waiting.

tog in poems, part one

I’m gonna split this up into tab-com and hof-eos so it doesn’t get too long. Enjoy!

There once was an assassin named celaena

As a child, she was saved by Elena

Raised by the master

She did everything he tasked her

And became notorious in Erilea

She worked with another named Sam

That guy was hot, like damn

They disobeyed the master

It only brought disaster

Sam’s death was his ultimate plan

The assassin was sent to the mines

She tried to escape a few times

After two years

An opportunity appears

Some hope she finally finds

She takes part in the King’s competition

And tries to avoid his suspicion

But something isn’t right

People are killed in the night

To find answers is Celaena’s mission

With the help of the princess of Eyllwe

The assassin starts to find the way

Amidst twists and turns

She discovers and learns

And wins the competition, hooray!

Now she works for the king

But his requests she doesn’t actually bring

About the killing, she lies

Then the princess dies

On her grave she goes to sing

Celaena leaves the kingdom

She wants to fight for freedom

She says goodbye to Chaol

Then for Wendlyn she sets sail

And to her grief she begins to succumb

Modern TOG Ladies Headcanons- High School

-Aelin, Lysandra, and Elide are the trio™. They’re involved in basically any activity and you can almost always bet that when you walk into a club or sport practice or something you’ll see one of them.
-Yrene and Sorscha met while volunteering at the school carnival and have been besties ever since. Yrene was the first person to know about Sorscha’s crush on a certain pitcher with sapphire eyes.
-Manon is the stereotypical bad girl and she has her whole crew that nobody messes with but she is also big on her studies. She got tutoring from a girl in her science class just to make she makes it into the ap class.
-They all start hanging out together because Aelin and Lysandra wanted to take Elide to a football game but she had to tutor Manon so they hung out with her in the library. Lysandra and Manon started talking and it turns out that they have a lot in common and Lysandra invited her with them. Aelin was a little mad because there’s some bad blood between them but after a couple of weeks she got over it.
-Yrene and Aelin were really good friends when they were kids but Yrene’s boyfriend is friends with Aelin and they reconnected.
-And Yrene and Nesryn have been closer than close since forever(does that make sense???) and so Nesryn will accompany her anywhere she goes.
-At that football game, everyone is sitting together and chatting and totally not checking out cute guys. And then Aelin has the genius idea that they should all hang out this Saturday and just help each other on their homework and eat pizza and watch cheesy movies.
-They do it and Sorscha’s crush gets revealed.“You like Dorian? I can set you up if you would like.”
-Aelin doesn’t wait for Sorscha’s answer before she sends him a text.
-“Well my friend, it looks like you have a date.” Cue the “what?!?!” and some squealing.
-Also cue all of the girls helping Sorscha get ready for it because why not.
-This becomes a weekly thing(except for the date thing) and sometimes their boyfriends will pop in and if the girls want, will join but most of the time they’ll get kicked out.