Shu Headcanon (Host Edition)

Your friends had dragged you here and boy, did you feel out of place.

All the girls were giggling and flirting away with the guys. And you sat sipping a very strong vodka and coke.

The blue caught your attention first, then his smirk. He sat relaxed in his seat and watched you.

‘Erm, madam, our manager has asked to politely remind you that you must take a host soon.’ The waiter said over your shoulder.

'Ah, I’m sorry! I was here with some friends..’ You tried to find them, but they were nowhere to be seen.

'I see, but they have taken hosts you see? In the back rooms.’ He blushed.

'Back rooms?!’ You looked around and found a corridor, it seemed as if it was lined with many curtained rooms. Giggling and sighing came from that way.

'It’s ok, she had already booked me.’ A deep voice came from behind and you and the waiter turned to see the blue eyed guy.

'Ah, Shu. That’s fine, please excuse me.’ He left after a flustered look.

You were left staring at the tall blonde.


'Follow me.’ He simply said and you rushed to pick up your stuff to follow.

Your heart raced as you realised he was leading you to the corridor. Blushing you entered the room and Shu pulled the thick, heavy, red curtain across.

'You have to know..Mr…Shu? I don’t have much money.. and I’ve not really done this before.’ You stutter, stroking your bare arms nervously.

He smirks, 'I know. And I’m about to show you a whole new world.’