HD New Sherlock season 4 Clip from Stephen Colbert Show - 2016.12.10

First the backwards running scene with the heart monitor. Then tie hell. And the changed interior of the plane. Now the gender of the baby has magically switched from girl to boy and Sherlock becomes his own mirror image. They must be slipping. Old age comes to them all. Or could it be something else?

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a summary of the 8.12.16 8:10 am clip. (told by someone who didn’t understand a. word.)
• the boy even bech næsheim /slept/.
• even is a blanket hog but isak gladly let him have all the blankets.
• isak texted sonja.
• isak and sonja had a conversation over the phone.
• god awoke.
• they talked.
• isak stroked The Hair™
• they kissed.


【Walking Out】電影片段No.1


Oh fuck.  Ezra what are you doing with HIM?

  • My grandaughter, a cute 5 years old with beautiful blond curls and pale skin: grandma, tell me about your youth
  • Me, sighing while I take a sip from my glass full of red wine: my dear, you can’t even imagine how the world was. We used to have seasons and snow. America wasn’t destroyed by WWIII yet. Skam was still an actual tv series having real actors, not just a collection of texts.
  • It was a wonderful time to be alive

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