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Music video for “Dream Fortress” by Grimes (directed by Anastasia Shulepova)

@hanatrulyi marched tonight and will march tomorrow for many reasons. these are just a few.
i march to show the world that i’m ashamed of who is now in the white house.

i march for the marginalized, our most vulnerable citizens, because i believe everyone should have the same rights and opportunities regardless of color, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

i march because the first executive order trump signed today may leave millions of people without healthcare.

i march because a man does not have a right to touch my body without an invitation.

i march for anyone who has been abused and called a liar.

i march because i am ashamed of a president that brags about sexual assault.

i march because i am ashamed of a president that has bullied a POW, a deceased muslim soldier’s family, a disabled reporter, a civil rights icon and many more.

i march against a president who believes the climate action plan is “harmful” and wishes to eliminate it.

i march because i believe in protecting our earth and do not approve of an administration that is targeting water, endangered species and national parks.

i march because when good people do nothing, bad things happen.

stay safe tomorrow! 💕🌎🌍🌏💕